Will TRS cables solve the buzzing noises in my studio ?

Author: Ian-Bush  Date Posted:24 November 2012 

Here is a recent question from one of our customers

Q: I want to buy some of your TT10 TRS cables, are these the right cables for my studio monitors to run to my Mbox? The ones I have make annoying buzzing sounds. I really need balanced cables.


If your Mbox is buzzing there can be many causes of that, balanced cables help but they won't solve every issue.
Balanced cables work best when you have a very low signal, lots of electronic noise (lights) as they will shield out the noise by a process where the noise is introduced into both cables equally and then subtracted at the mixer.
But if your noise is created by an earth loop they won't fix the issue at all.

Some tips to fix earth loops

1. Try and use just 1 earth for all electrical items in the signal path
2. Where possible, use the shortest cables you can
3. Make your set up as simple as possible first, then gradually add in extra layers of complexity. If you are suddenly getting noise you can troubleshoot this by eliminating those variables.

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