Why Do I Need A Guitar Stand? And Which Stand Should I Choose?

Author: Siraj Jardine  Date Posted:12 June 2020 

Why Do I Need A Guitar Stand?

You've bought a guitar from us, and if you're a beginner, it probably came with a gig bag, spare strings, some picks, and a strap. So why do you need a guitar stand as well?

There are three broad reasons to buy a guitar stand: protection, convenience and display. This blog post will address these as well as how to choose the best guitar stand for you.


After you've finished with your practice for the day, you should never leave your guitar leaning against a wall or any other piece of furniture. There's just too much risk of your guitar sliding and falling. This often leads to breakage on the guitar (see the pictures above and below) as there are certain common weak points in the construction of most guitars. It's also likely that your guitar will become worn on the bottom where it rests on the floor, and on the headstock where it leans against the wall. Even if you've stored your guitar inside its gig bag, they often do not have enough padding to protect your guitar against breakage or scuffs from a fall. 

Guitar stands are sturdy, and they will be able to securely hold your guitar upright without allowing it to slide around. The parts of a guitar stand that are in contact with your guitar are also padded so they don't cause any damage.


Out of sight, out of mind. Practising is the most important part of improving as a guitarist. The more often you see your guitar waiting patiently for you to pick it up, the more likely you are to practice. If you store your guitar in its gig bag under a bed or in a cupboard, you're not going to be reminded of it frequently enough to experience the thrill of rapidly improving on your instrument of choice. It also requires a lot more effort to start practising when you have to remove things from their hiding places, and that inertia could be enough to discourage you from practising.

A guitar on a guitar stand is super-convenient to access in a limited amount of time. We live busy lives, and sometimes we can only spare a few minutes to get some practice in. The easier it is to pick up and play, the better. By storing your guitar on a stand, your guitar is also more likely to be in tune when you pick it up because the tuners will not have moved while doing the hokey pokey with your gig bag.


Guitars look really great (in our biased opinion), so it's pretty cool to have a guitar as an artistic accent in a room! Many guitarists are attracted to an instrument because of its aesthetics, so you should show it off! Guitar stands allow your guitars to stand proudly in the room. If you'd like to use your guitar in a more decorative way, you might even want to use a wall-mounted guitar hook. Just try to keep the guitar out of direct sunlight as much as you can - this could cause warping if the temperature fluctuations are big enough, and the UV light can affect the finish.

Types of Guitar Stand - Which Guitar Stand Should I Choose?


The A-frame guitar stand is one of the simplest designs, and it is often used in guitar stores. It's sturdy and compact, with an easy mechanism that can fold away for storage or transport. Artist Guitars makes 3 different A-frame stands. One for acoustic guitars , one for electric guitars, and one universal guitar stand that can handle both. Choose this type of guitar stand if you have one guitar, if you'd like to have one guitar in every room, or if you need something that's easy to transport.


If you have (or are planning to have) more than one guitar, it might be a good idea to buy a guitar stand that can hold multiple guitars. This is convenient to have in a studio environment, where you can grab whichever guitar would best suit the song you're working on. This type of stand removes the dilemma of which guitar to display while the others are stored out of sight. At Artist Guitars, we have multi-stands that can hold 3 guitars, 5 guitars, or even 7 guitars

Wall Hanger

If you have limited floor space, or if you'd like to use your guitars for a decorative touch, you might want to use a wall-mounted guitar hook. These are not as universal as A-frame or multi-stands, since headstock shapes and neck profiles vary between different models. Some of these self-adjust, but not all of them do, so consider bringing your guitar along when you're looking for a wall-mounted stand option. We stock our own wall-mounted guitar hooks with a wooden mount and locking brackets, or with a metal bracket, and there are other brands available at Artist Guitars too.


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