The top 5 Answers in our recent survey

Author: Ian-Bush  Date Posted:7 February 2012 

The top 5 Answers in our recent survey

As you might know we recently surveyed our list and got lots of great responses.

Here is the top 5 things people answered and how we are going to tackle these

1) Simpler freight

We have made our whole site freight free, with a couple of simple (and affordable) upgrades for those that want them. We will be offering more packs with better value, bulk packs to save money.

2) More Guitar Tips and Tricks

We are working on more info for our support section. We have also been talking to a number of teachers about running a higher level of lessons, more details to be announced soon.

3) Monthly Specials

All of our newsletters will now include a monthly special (just check down the bottom of the email for the latest news)

4) Sheet Music

We have expanded our range of sheet music and methods, we now have access to over 200,000 titles. Check out our sheet music and Music Books. The sheet music is delivered by an American website so the prices are in US Dollars (but it helps us out if you go to their site from our site first)

5) More new models at great prices

This year we have hundreds of new products coming out, from great sounding vale amps, to parlour solid top guitars and a great range of Uke's. Hopefully we have something great for you (if we don't just tell us what you are looking for - you never know we might just develop it and add it to our range.

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