The 5 steps to take when your pedals aren't working correctly

Author: Rory Brady  Date Posted:23 March 2021 

The best way to troubleshoot your pedals

Getting your first FX pedals setup can be a difficult process for a beginner, and there are many places a pedalboard or effects setup can fail. We want to help you to fix these problems, but if this guide doesn't help, please reach out to one of our friendly customer service team, who are more than happy to help you. 

Check below to see the five steps to check your setup!

1. Check your Leads, Guitar and your amp

First, unplug all leads from your pedal/pedal chain. 

Next, you need to check each lead individually by plugging each one from your guitar directly into your amp. For each lead, the signal should work. 

If no sound comes out with every lead, then your guitar or amplifier is the issue.

If sound comes out of some of the leads, then the ones without your sound are the problem

If sound is coming through correctly with all of your leads, then you have eliminated your leads, guitar and amp as the cause of the problem.

If your problem still isn't resolved, move on to step #2.

2. Check your Power Supply

Ensure that the power supply you are using is the correct voltage and amperage for your pedal.

This will vary from pedal to pedal so if you are unsure look up your pedal power requirements. Most pedals are 9V, so if you have a 9V adaptor, most pedals should work.

The best way to check it is to make sure the LED (if you have one!) on your pedal is turning on and off with the switch.

If your pedal has a battery in it, try using just the battery to eliminate the power supply. The power supply setup can vary a lot, so the best way to check this is usually just making sure everything is plugged in correctly. 

3. Isolate the Pedal

If your pedal is part of a chain isolate it by plugging your guitar through the one pedal alone. This means just guitar -> Lead -> pedal -> Lead -> Amp. If the sound now works correctly, then your Pedal is working correctly

4. Check your settings

If you are receiving a signal but it sounds wrong.. Set all the settings of the pedal to about 12 o’clock. Some effects will sound defective if you have them maxed out so this should bring the parameters to a more normal level. Try this as a baseline and then slowly add or remove each control as you like, for example turning the gain or bass up or down. If this still doesn't work, move on to step 5 below. 

5. Contact Us!

If you are still unsure of the issue and you have followed all the steps below, please contact us! the best way to get in touch is by email, send along an image of your set up and a video of how it sounds (if it makes sounds at all), and our expert team will assist you from there.  

Thanks for reading this blog! to give you even more great content, check out our pages. 

I hope this article has helped. if you need any assistance please email: or call us on 1300 489 816


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