Should a left handed person use a left handed Guitar ?

Author: Ian Bush  
Date Posted:13 November 2020 

What should I think about as a lefty?

This is a subject which a lot of people have an opinion on. honestly? there is no right or wrong answer. the best way is to decide what is right for you. 

As any serious guitar player will tell you, the hand that does most of the work is the left hand (the hand pressing down on the frets), but for all us right-handed players we are using our weaker hand to do the hard work and our stronger hand to strum. Now if you are fingerpicking you might be using your "other hand" more.

So this strikes me as something a little odd, for a right-handed guitar player (which is what I am) I am using my weakest hand to do the hardest part. Mind you, if I'm playing a left-handed guitar I feel incredibly awkward (but is that just the result of being used to one way for 30 years?)

Ok, what should I think about?

  1. Left handed guitars are very hard to find, as generally in the population about 10% of people are left handed a lot of these people will play a right handed guitar, so the actual market for left-hand guitars is about 6-7%. We do stock a broad range of left handed guitars
  2. All music books, video's, DVD's and tuning guides are all written on the basis of a right-hander. Now, it is pretty easy to convert these in your head once you know how to, but for the average beginner, this can be an extra burden.
  3. If your friend has a guitar you want to borrow or play it's probably a right handed model
  4. If you can already play or have even started to learn left hand then you probably need to continue with the way you are going, but if not I would strongly recommend you have a think about the choice of guitar. A lot of left handed beginners find strumming difficult but after a while, you will realise that this is actually quite easy to do (compared to the hand that presses down on the strings.

While I was researching this subject I found a great blog post by Michael Murray on the subject, and he has similar views to me, it's well worth a read for more information and another point of view.


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Lefty playing right-handed

By: Russell Pizel on 24 June 2018
I do some things left handed (write, shoot, snooker, play tennis) and some things right (kick a ball, throw, swing a bat). Playing the guitar right handed seems natural now, but didn't when I first started. I agree that playing right handed has a lot of benefits if you can get used to it.

Left Handed Guitar

By: Cathy Herbert on 27 March 2014
Hi there, I am a beginner and I have purchased a left handed guitar. I have tried to learn on right handed guitars before and a friend of mine lent me his guitar and changed the strings around for me but it never felt comfortable. This one feels right for me, but now I am worried about reading music or not???? Confused now.

Left-handed guitarist

By: David Rowlands on 12 December 2013
I am left-handed and play left-handed guitars and drums. I first owned a right-handed acoustic guitar in 1963, which I modified and restrung left-handed. I didn't advance very far on it and took up playing drums. Fifty years later, I decided to give the guitar another go. I was so grateful to find Artist Guitars made a range of left-handed models. I bought my first one, a dreadnought acoustic electric in April 2013. I have since bought a parlour sized model as well. I made use of the first free guitar lesson and the teacher told me that I know a lot about guitar playing. I have been practicing on a regular basis and that is the way to master the guitar. I write songs and perform in a duo. We will be recording our debut album next week.

Made to be a Lefty

By: sue warner on 15 November 2013
I did my best to learn right handed but after 6 months of struggle I decided to get a left handed guitar and have moved forward with my playing and really enjoy it now, I'm just made to play left handed.

Lefties ??

By: Paul Walters on 7 November 2013
Ultimately its up to the individual - but look at Hendrix ????

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