Setting up your Artist AMS6 or AG78V2

Setting up your headless guitar follows the same basic principle as any normal guitar, but you must take care to ensure that you’re using the locking mechanisms correctly, and do not over-tighten your grub screws! 

A professional setup is beneficial for any instrument, so if you’re not confident setting up your new headless multiscale, seeking the help of a professional luthier/tech is recommended. 

How to restring the AG78V2 or AMS6 headless guitars 

To restring your headless guitar follow these steps:

  1. Detune the strings fully and bring the ball-end anchor all the way in on the machine head. It is easiest to replace the strings one at a time on these guitars, so try not to remove all of the strings at once 
  2. Loosen, but try not to remove the grub screws on the locking nut
    There are small ball bearings under the screws that ensure full contact with the string. If you remove the screw then these balls may fall out, and they are easy to lose!
  3. Remove one string and feed a new one through the hole at the nut end, beneath this ball bearing
  4. Put the ball-end of the string into the anchor at the bridge, and pull the string through the nut to apply some tension. If no tension is applied here, or the ball end anchor is not fully extended, then tuning will be very difficult 
  5. With tension on the string, tighten grub screws to lock the nut
  6. Stretch and tune the guitar up to pitch using the machine head, and clip off any excess string


How to adjust the saddle height and intonation

Saddle height

  1. Release tension on the saddles by undoing the small grub screw in the front of the saddle. This is at approximately 45 degrees from the string, and locks the saddles in place 
  2. Use the two small grub screws on either side of the string to raise or lower the saddle height
  3. Remember to lock the saddle in place again tightening the front-most grub screw again


  1. Release tension on the string with the machine head
  2. Unscrew the grub screw in the channel behind the saddle and move this forward or backward according to your requirements
  3. Retighten the grub screw when you are happy with your adjustments

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