Nux Pocket Port Installation Guide

Author: Lachlan Bush  Date Posted:30 December 2020 

The Pocket Port is a very small and easy to use USB Audio Interface. DO NOT be fooled though by its size as it is a professional USB Audio Interface specially designed for guitar recording. Boasting 24-bit resolution at 192 kHz sample rate, it allows you to have high quality music recording.

Below is a guide on how to install the Nux Pocket Port and use it on your PC or Mac


1. Download the necessary driver for installation on the link provided below.

[Driver Download]

2. Extract the files. (Right click on downloaded Zip File, then select "Extract All...", Then select a folder for the Files to go)

3. Run "NUX_AUDIO_DriverSetup_v3.29.0.exe".  You may need administrator Permissions to do this. On Windows 10, Right click on the Application and select "Run as Administrator" (please note, the v.2.2 Driver is for Windows XP only.)

4. Install The Program.

5. Once the Setup is complete, Disconnect and reconnect the PocketPort


The Pocket Port is compatible with the protocol of MAC's Core Audio. It can be used directly and there is no need to install a driver. Just plug in and play.

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