How to setup your mandolin

Author: Ian-Bush  Date Posted:12 September 2012 

The 4 steps to setup a mandolin are -

1. Tune your Mandolin (we have tuning charts here)

2. Adjust the action height at the 12th fret to 1.9-2.1mm (Its best to use a steel ruler that has a zero point for this)

3. Play the 12th fret harmonic, then lightly fret the 12th fret note, if sharp move the bridge back and repeat (you don't need to loosen the strings)

4. Recheck the action height is correct if it needs adjustment, adjust and then start again from point 1

A mandolin is a tempered instrument with a floating bridge. So it will never be 100% in tune but by following these steps you will get a much more playable instrument. When you play it's important to press lightly as pressing too hard will bend the string and make the note sharper.

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