How to Choose the correct sized Violin

Author: Ian-Bush  Date Posted:25 August 2011 

Violin Size GuideChoosing the right vioin can be difficult when faced with so many size options. First you need to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. Can your child play violin already or are they just a beginner ?
  2. If they can play, can they play really well or quite average ?

For most parents their child will just be a beginner and have had very little, if any, playing experience but would like to try to learn violin. If this is the case for you, which violin is the best one to buy?

What you ideally need is a reasonable quality violin that has 4 fine tuners, decent tuning pegs and include the accessories you need to get started. Our violin packs are perfect for this as they include all of these features and come with everything you need.

If your child is already quite a capable player then you do need to look at a higher grade instrument, unfortunately a good Violin will cost at least $1000. We do sometimes see some parents that might spend $200-300 to get a higher grade but sadly these violins are often not much better than our basic package. If your child has talent we strongly recommend you encourage them with a quality violin bought form a specialty violin store.

So what is the last piece of the puzzle ? The size of the violin !

Here is a simple way to choose the most comfortable Violin size

  • The first step is to have the player stretch out his or her arm fully ensuring that there is no bend in the arm.
  • The second step is to measure the total distance from the neck to the wrist.
  • Check the size guide on the right . Match the size you need and visit our Violin pack page.

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