How To Choose The Correct Body Size for an Acoustic Guitar

Author: Ian-Bush  Date Posted:26 July 2013 

Acoustic Guitar Body size explained

Body size can be confusing but here is a simple guide to help you choose. This chart works for solid top and solid wood guitars, for basic level

Do you want Volume, Bass, Clarity, or a small size ?


Artist OS60EQ Parlour Acoustic Guitar



Our smallest body size is the Parlour size (OS60EQ, PMH100EQ and Little Artist all have very small sizes)

Small bodied acoustic guitars will give you a much clearer sound, but you might lose some volume and you will definitely have less bass presence. In small body guitars, we sell OM sized guitars (LSPS, OMC200EQ, JMZ200EQ, JMH200EQ)

A dreadnought body size will give a powerful loud sound, but it's not as clear. (LSP, AB1, DS120, DCA100CEQ)

A Jumbo body size will give heaps of bass, plenty of volume, but has the least clarity. (JM18012CEQ)


What body sizes does Artist Guitars use


Artist OS60EQ Parlour Sized Acoustic Guitar



Artist OMC200EQ OM Sized Acoustic Guitar



Artist DCA100CEQ Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar



Artist JM200CEQ Jumbo Acoustic Guitar


What Size is Perfect for Me?

If you like delicate fingerpicking go for a smaller body, if you like your chords loud and strong check out our dreadnoughts or jumbo's!

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