Jun Candiasan



Jun Candiasan, our youngest staff member, is a 22 years old developer based in the Philippines.

Born in 1996 in Manilla, he grows up there as a child and moves to Pampanga with his family. Very young, Jun is fascinated by technology. He plays video games on computer but also starts programming at the age of 13!

Ian and Jun meet in 2016 through the Cornerstone platform. In March 2017, Jun starts working full time as a developer in the Artist Guitar crew. We are proud to be Jun’s first employer from overseas while he keeps on broadening his freelance career in the Philippines.

These days, Jun’s main hobbies are still video games (DOTA 2) and programming. He listens to metal and a bit of pop, depending on his mood.

When we asked Jun what he liked about working with us, he said: «  Ian is a great boss, he is really easy to work with. I also like working with Allan (Systems & Marketing) because the briefs allow me to push my boundaries. I’ve also learned so much about analytics and marketing. »