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This Joyo Tremolo pedal uses the same photoelectric tube circuitry as the tremolo used in those classic amps of yesteryear. Simple design makes it easy to adjust the tone with only 2 parameter pots - Intensity and Rate. You can go from a very subtle, swaying tone, to the super choppy Bloc Party sound with both pots maxed out.

The True bypass design minimizes tone loss and the super tough aluminium alloy casing will last for years.

(Power supply not included)

The Tech Features

Model: JF09

Features: Tremolo

Dimensions: 11.8(L) x 3.8(W) x 6.4(H)cm

Net Weight: 0.33kg


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Joyo JF09 Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal

By: on 18 January 2023
This pedal is truly amazing, it sounds great and is easy to use. Definitely worth the money! Plus it arrived super fast and in perfect condition. I am looking forward to purchasing more gear off Artist Guitars!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!


By: on 23 June 2022
Very good pedal very clean great quality item.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Simple yet effective

By: on 24 March 2022
This is a must have! So simple but it creates great effect for slow ballads and blues. Great service by artist on delivery. Buy it! You won’t be disappointed.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review! Cheers!

Great pedal

By: on 29 January 2022
Easy to use and inexpensive. Works well in front of a tube amp.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your review! If you have any questions, please let us know, we're always happy to help!

Joyo Tremelo JF09

By: on 7 July 2021
Exactly what I wanted from a tremolo, perfect sound, able to get the intro to I walk alone - exactly Thanks I now have 11 pedals and they are all great

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your review. We're happy to know that JF09 has continued to impress our customers. Cheers!

Joyo, Tremolo Pedal.

By: on 11 September 2020
This is one great addition to my pedalboard. Joyo is coming out with consistent top quality products and this is no exception. The tremolo could easily be thought of as coming from a Fender Super Reverb, but no, it's coming from a small yellow pedal that costs about what I pay for three sets of strings. Great product, great service and delivery from Artist Guitars, as per I might add. Why would you go anywhere else? I wouldn't, I won't, I don't !!

Joyo tremolo

By: on 26 September 2019
Great size and will run off a battery. Switch gives a solid click and zero noise on the bypass circuit. Makes great wobble for haunting tones

Excellent Service and delivery

By: on 22 March 2019
Super fast delivery as always. Product as described. Very subtle Tremolo not over the top but thats all I need it for. Great company to deal with!

joyo jf09 tremelo pedal

By: on 3 May 2018
hi guys,just thought id let you know that the pedal i bought is really great...pricewise it was a bargain and it does everything wth intensity and rate that i wanted.excellent value

Mellow Yellow

By: on 27 December 2017
This the 4th Joyo pedal I've bought and I'm still impressed by how well these things are made for the price, while the tremolo isn't some thing I'll use a lot it will be used to add some colour to the sounds from time to time at the moment I'm just messing around with it for fun, well done Joyo and well done Artist for another great bit of gear, I've already got my eye on pedals 5 and 6.

Excellent Pedal

By: on 12 November 2016
This pedal was great value for the money and does its job well.The Service and delivery from Artist Guitars was superb as always. Well done guys.

Joyo JF09

By: on 25 February 2016
I am yet to hear a Joyo Effects Pedal I didn't like and the Tremolo is no exception. Well built as they all appear to be, a simple optical circuit, dead quiet and appears to be a true bypass. I have this unit connected via the effects loop on a 18W tube amp on a "wet" setting. A nice clean sounding tremolo that doesn't take away any of the amps tone. Also sounds a treat when using the little champ of an amp, the Joyo JTA 5W. A slight volume boost to compensate for the lower volume of many tremolo pedals, a bonus. This Tremolo wont give you a full on Rumble sound but for a mild and controlled trem its works well. At this price wont you cant go wrong. Keep it coming Joyo, great pedals and Amps at a good price, also great service from Artist Guitars. Cheers Alan

Joyo tremolo

By: on 14 April 2014
This unit comes in a solid metal box and switch and jacks look to be sturdy. The power input is slightly misaligned on mine which makes it a little bit tricky to insert a power adaptor lead. The unit is not noisy and fits fine with other pedals. the sound is "average' as rated above. there is a noticeable volume drop when running, particularly at higher intensity settings. Somehow it doesn't get the deep throbbing of a real amp tremolo- but neither did the Boss unit I had . So OK but not an essential buy.


By: on 8 March 2014
Output jack was broken. Returned product for full refund. That part went well..

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