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Joyo JF08 Guitar Effects Pedal - Digital Delay

Add depth to your playing with the Joyo Digital Delay pedal. It features a special filter circuit which closely recreates the sounds of an analogue delay. Simple, easy to use controls for the classic analogue delay sound are Time, Repeat and Level. The delay time ranges from 25ms-600ms.

True bypass design minimises tone loss and the super-tough aluminium alloy casing will last for years.

The Tech Features

Model: JF08

Features: Digital Delay

Dimensions: 11.8(L) x 3.8(W) x 8.7(H)cm

Net Weight: 0.43kg


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Joyo JF08 Guitar Effects Pedal - Digital Delay

By: on 19 April 2022
Purchased this pedal some four years ago and I have found it to be smooth, easy to use, is compatible with my other pedals and amps and is very reliable. I found it to be very responsive and the sounds I can get from it are remarkable considering the price of this unit. It leave alot of other pedals lacking in many ways. I highly recommend this pedal. Tony

Artist Guitars Response
We are happy to hear that you're satisfied with the pedal. Thank you so much for leaving a review of it.

DigiDelay by JOYO does what I need it to.

By: on 1 December 2021
With a sweep from 25 - 600 ms, what more can I ask from it.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for your feedback. This means a lot to us. We're glad that you're satisfied with the pedal. We look forward to more business with you in the future. if you have any questions or have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us. Cheers!

Joyo JF08 Guitar Effects Pedal - Digital Delay

By: on 8 September 2020
This pedal is simple to use, and sounds good. If you're looking for what I just said, this pedal fits the bill. Thanks Artist for organising the mailing and exchange. Fun times!

Joyous Digital Delay

By: on 27 May 2020
I was super impressed! I had recently bought the Carbon Copy Anolog Delay by MXR for $280 and it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. So when I saw this for $59 I really wasn't expecting much, but I was surprised at how good it sounds. Now I can actually play the intro to "Rope" by Foo Fighters! Only drawback is that it does add a slight bit of distortion, scarecly noticeable.

Defective product

By: on 15 August 2018
I found the battery compartment too small to get the battery in because the mother board took up some of the room and when I tried to get the battery out the black wire on the connection broke, I returned the item to you last week and have not recieved a reply. Not very good customer service to a new customer.

Good value delay.

By: on 9 August 2016
I'm pleasantly surprised with this pedal, it's a solid digital delay for an exceptional price. It's also extremely easy to use. I haven't taken it through the whole range of delay timings available, mostly just toyed around with the middle area of the dial but I like how subtle or in your face it can be, depending on the 'level' setting. My only other delay pedal is a multi-fx unit which has the ability to lock onto BPM or milliseconds, but this one SOUNDS BETTER despite not having that capability. I'd buy it again (and I might, you can never have too many pedals)...

Another Joyous Joyo Product

By: on 23 June 2016
My fourth Joyo pedal. And it's as good as the others. I am really struck by these Joyo products. They're inexpensive, good quality, tough, work (really well) And are simple to adjust. Some even come with a battery. Add that to the fast postage time,and service driven Artist Guitar staff, and you have a winning combo. Thanks guys you are a pleasure to deal with. Ian Albany WA

joyo digital delay

By: on 17 October 2014
Good product. Had a problem with the first one but Artist Guitar replaced it with out any problem or cost to me. Excellent store


By: on 24 August 2014
Fantastic pedal. Hard casing (not plastic like some other brands) and they sound great :) It's about time someone went back to basics with effects pedals. Very happy.