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About this Joyo JF01 Guitar Effects Pedal - Vintage Overdrive

This Vintage Overdrive pedal delivers plenty of variation on a nice smooth, natural sounding overdrive. The tone pot covers a very useable range so you can delivery the level of upper mid-range presence that suits you.

Modeled on the classic Tube Screamer, with a JFC4588 chip, the overdrive effect is mellow, mild, smooth -- simply exquisite! It also has great sustain.

Features true bypass to minimizes tone loss and an extra strong metal case.

(Power supply not included)

The Tech Features

Model :- JF01

Features :- True Bypass, JFC4588 chip

Controls :- Drive, Tone, Volume

Dimensions :- 11.8(L) x 3.8(H) x 6.4(W)cm

Net Weight :- 0.38Kg

Battery :- Includes 9V battery

Current Draw :- 7mA Minimum

Optional Power Supply :- 9V DC, center negative, We sell a wide range of power supplies


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my new favourite

By: on 13 June 2023
I had been wanting this overdrive for a while and i'm not disappointed one bit great tone and clarity, with single coils it brings out that chimey SRV bite I have been looking for

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the feedback! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Joyo JF01 Guitar Effects Pedal - Vintage Overdrive

By: on 19 September 2022
This is an amazing pedal for the price. It's a tad brighter than an Ibanez TS-9, but still has that sweet TS-9-ish boost that we all know and love. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks so much for your feedback. We really appreciate your support. We are always here if you need help.

Great pedal

By: on 29 January 2022
Easy to adjust and inexpensive. Provides a good boost to valve amp.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your review! We really appreciate the support!

Joyo JF01 Guitar Effects Pedal - Vintage Overdrive

By: on 1 October 2021
This Pedal is awesome, So much Fun. Well made and sounds great and amazing price. Thankyou Artist Guitars.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for taking the time to leave an awesome review. We are looking forward to your continued business and support.

Awesome pedal!

By: on 24 September 2021
What a great item this pedal is! It’s just what I wanted in an overdrive pedal and more. It’s a sturdy unit, that performs perfectly. Awesome customer service and delivery times fast as lightening. Thanks Artist, another quality product.

Artist Guitars Response
So glad to hear you like this pedal. It's a pretty cool unit. Thanks for leaving this review.

Great Pedal!

By: on 25 August 2021
What a great pedal! It’s just what I was after, Having heaps of fun with it. Great solid metal case, which I am pleasantly surprised by and it performs better than expected. Great value for money!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the feedback! This really helps us a lot!

Joyo Vintage Overdrive pedal

By: on 1 December 2020
Good little overdrive pedal. Metal case, easy to use, looks good and easy to use

Joyo JF01

By: on 11 November 2020
For the price this Vintage OD pedal is outstanding. I actually use it in my acoustic pedal setup for when I'm playing slide and want to try to recreate that Resonator sound. Its awesome. Can I also add that Artist Guitars had this sent to me the very same day I ordered it. It arrived the next day. A great product sold by a great business. ONe very happy customer right here. I'll be back again.

Smooth overdrive

By: on 6 November 2020
This is my first overdrive specific pedal that I bought specifically to pair with my Joyo Zombie 2 amp. It does the job of a boost pedal just fine. Controls work from horrible to very nice, so a wide range of tones are available. Build quality and switch is very solid. GREAT value for money. Honestly, you cannot go wrong with the value for money from Joyo. Chinese it may be, but crap it is not. Hell I've had DOD/ Digitech pedals that were garbage at 4 times the price.

What a great sounding pedal

By: on 23 August 2020
Love this pedal.

Great pedal

By: on 15 August 2020
I really like this pedal. Vintage sounds are excellent and really enhance the sound and enjoyment of my new guitar -Artist ST. Easy to use. A quality piece of kit. Arrived within a few days.

Great Pedal

By: on 12 March 2020
This is a great pedal. Arrived within 4 business days and the pedal is fantastic. Feels solid and tuff, but more importantly it is the sound I was looking for. I dont like a lot of distortion pedals but this pedal gives just the right amount of adjustable overdrive, just like a pushed tube amp should. I was also thinking of buying a tube screamer as well but this pedal covers both. Great price as well.

Joyo Vintage Overdrive

By: on 14 November 2019
The order arrived very quickly, in time for a rehearsal and a gig in the same week. Support and after-sales from Artist Guitars has been excellent. I've tried a few different budget distortion and overdrive pedals (Joyo British Sound, Joyo AC Tone and Tech 21 Liverpool) and the Vintage Overdrive is the closest yet to the perfect sound I have been looking for; a Vox AC15 crunch, not overly distorted somewhere between indie, post-punk and dream pop without entering the harshness of anything heavier. It works well as an effective boost for solos too and has good sustain. I am very satisfied with the purchase.

Love this pedal.

By: on 6 May 2019
This is tbe fourth pedal from Joyo I have purchased after Crunch Distortion , Analog Chorus , Analig Delay . I also bought a Nux Pedal Tuner. Again I am impressed with quality and pruce and again delivery was prompt. This Vintage Overdrive adds a good option to beef up your tone and sustain greatly. Especially behind the Crunch Distortion and really shines with the Analig Delay . Worth every dollar and seet addition. Afterpay makes it so easy for me to build up a good effects board as it cost me like $10 a week and I don't miss it and they all quality pedals . Again Tru Byoass makes like easier as does power supply board for individual power supply keeps things neat.

Joyo vintage overdrive

By: on 11 April 2019
Bloody awesome product!!!!!!!!!! Highly recommend

Good pedal

By: on 10 April 2019
Cheap but sounds great

What I wanted!

By: on 30 September 2018
I play acoustic-electric guitar or mando or 6-string bass mostly (none of which demand much pedal goodness), but I do dust off the trusty Strat on occasions, which is where this JF01 comes in. My experience with budget overdrive pedals in the past can be summed up in the word "harshness", so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this box can be adjusted to give a mellow, warm sound that better suits what I need. Controls are simple and straightforward, and the thing is built like a tank. In short, it does the job effectively. For me, at the price, it's 5 stars.

Just buy it !!

By: on 8 August 2017
Great screamer clone. Is it exactly the same as a TS? No, but it's close and pushes your amp as it should. In my opinion the dials have more range than the original. For 'round $50 it is definitely worth a try.

Nice pedal

By: on 8 August 2016
I have a few Joyo pedals they are all good, and this one is no exception. Sturdy construction, easy to adjust controls, inexpensive and topped off by real old fashioned service. What more could you want?. Ian Albany WA

Good pedal

By: on 9 May 2014
Not the best pedal out there, but I wasn't expecting that. It's a very well built pedal at a great price. Sounds alright and it is a good ibby ts type, with less gain. Great for boosting and warming things up

Joyo JF01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Pedal

By: on 27 February 2014
Very happy with the pedal! It's exactly what I was expecting and was delighted to find it was shipped with a battery! Absolutely fantastic service by artist guitars... It arrived exactly when I was told it would, along with being easy to track via the website, and I was delighted with the free shipping! I'm delighted as I was with my last order from artist guitars, now the only problem is saving up more to spend there!

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