Joyo JF01 Guitar Effects Pedal - Vintage Overdrive

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About this Joyo JF01 Guitar Effects Pedal - Vintage Overdrive

This Vintage Overdrive pedal delivers plenty of variation on a nice smooth, natural sounding overdrive.  The tone pot covers a very useable range so you can delivery the level of upper mid-range presence that suits you.

Modeled on the classic Tube Screamer, with a JFC4588 chip, the overdrive effect is mellow, mild, smooth -- simply exquisite! It also has great sustain.

Features true bypass to minimizes tone loss and an extra strong metal case.


The Tech Features

Model :- JF01

Features :- True Bypass, JFC4588 chip

Controls :- Drive, Tone, Volume

Dimensions :- 11.8(L) x 3.8(H) x 6.4(W)cm

Net Weight :-  0.38Kg

Battery :- Includes 9V battery

Current Draw :- 7mA Minimum

Optional Power Supply :- 9V DC, center negative,  We sell a wide range of power supplies


What a great sounding pedal

By: Kevin Kelly on 23 August 2020
Love this pedal.

Great pedal

By: Bel on 15 August 2020
I really like this pedal. Vintage sounds are excellent and really enhance the sound and enjoyment of my new guitar -Artist ST. Easy to use. A quality piece of kit. Arrived within a few days.

Great Pedal

By: Dave Johnston on 12 March 2020
This is a great pedal. Arrived within 4 business days and the pedal is fantastic. Feels solid and tuff, but more importantly it is the sound I was looking for. I dont like a lot of distortion pedals but this pedal gives just the right amount of adjustable overdrive, just like a pushed tube amp should. I was also thinking of buying a tube screamer as well but this pedal covers both. Great price as well.

Joyo Vintage Overdrive

By: Mike P on 14 November 2019
The order arrived very quickly, in time for a rehearsal and a gig in the same week. Support and after-sales from Artist Guitars has been excellent. I've tried a few different budget distortion and overdrive pedals (Joyo British Sound, Joyo AC Tone and Tech 21 Liverpool) and the Vintage Overdrive is the closest yet to the perfect sound I have been looking for; a Vox AC15 crunch, not overly distorted somewhere between indie, post-punk and dream pop without entering the harshness of anything heavier. It works well as an effective boost for solos too and has good sustain. I am very satisfied with the purchase.

Love this pedal.

By: Mal Crosher on 6 May 2019
This is tbe fourth pedal from Joyo I have purchased after Crunch Distortion , Analog Chorus , Analig Delay . I also bought a Nux Pedal Tuner. Again I am impressed with quality and pruce and again delivery was prompt. This Vintage Overdrive adds a good option to beef up your tone and sustain greatly. Especially behind the Crunch Distortion and really shines with the Analig Delay . Worth every dollar and seet addition. Afterpay makes it so easy for me to build up a good effects board as it cost me like $10 a week and I don't miss it and they all quality pedals . Again Tru Byoass makes like easier as does power supply board for individual power supply keeps things neat.

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