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Boveda Humidity Control System - B49-70-OWC

Wooden instruments must be kept in a stable environment for a long life and to perform at their best; you wouldn’t leave your guitar outside unprotected, so why sacrifice your prized acoustic simply due to humidity?

Introducing Boveda, the one and only humidity control system that actually adds or removes moisture in a controlled environment. With zero maintenance you can simply slip your Boveda pack into your guitar case and you never need to worry about warps or cracks in the wood ever again. 

The patented 2-way system was originally designed for tobacco products, and now Boveda is available for a host of humidity-controlling purposes, and sizes are available to suit any wooden instrument! Grab your Boveda Pack and give all your instruments the protection they deserve!

The Tech Features

Brand: Boveda

Model: B49-70-OWC

Size: Large Single

Dimensions: 5.75cm, x  3.75cm x 4.5cm (534” X 334” X 412”)

Weight: 70g / 2.47oz each pack


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