Artist TweedTone20R 20 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Combo

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About this Artist TweedTone20R 20 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Combo

The Artist Tweedtone20R amplifier provides tonnes British Tube-driven, vintage-voiced tone at an affordable price.  This amp has 2 channels, clean and overdrive.  There is a Footswitch jack underneath the back of the amp to switch between channels.  Footswitch is not included.

Both channels independent volume controls, and there is a master volume control which adjusts the overall volume of the amplifier.  So you can really drive the clean channel hard to get that nice warm overdrive "breakup" at levels that won't annoy your neighbours.  Switching to the Overdrive channel provides a thicker, creamier overdrive for harmonically-rich blues and rock tones.

The 3-band EQ is highly responsive and allows for a vast array of tones to suit your personal preferences.

This amp is loaded with a high-performance Celestion Seventy 80 12 inch speaker for excellent all-round performance and tone.


The Tech Features

Model:- Tweedtone20R

Brand:- Artist

Output Power:-  20W(RMS)

Speaker:- 1 x 12 inch , 8 Ohm Celestion Seventy 80 Speaker


  • 2 x 6BQ5(EL84)  Power Tubes
  • 3 x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes

Control Functions:-

  • INPUT - Connection to the instrument.
  • CLEAN VOLUME - Sets the volume of the Clean channel.
  • DRIVE BUTTON - Manually switch between the Clean and Drive channels.
  • DRIVE GAIN - Sets the amount of gain or distortion in the overdrive channel.
  • DRIVE VOLUME - Sets the volume of the Drive channel.
  • TREBLE - Adjusts the high-frequency equalization range as required.
  • MIDDLE - Gives active midrange equalization with boost & cut.
  • BASS - Adjusts the low-frequency equalization range as required.
  • MASTER VOLUME - Adjusts the overall volume of either the Clean. or "Drive" channels.
  • MASTER REVERB - Adjusts the amount of reverb added to the normal signal.
  • FOOTSWITCH INPUT - Underneath the back of the amp.  Footswitch not included.
  • STANDBY SWITCH - Switches the amp in/out of standby power mode. Wait until 30 seconds after the power switch is turned on to prolong your tube life.
  • POWER SWITCH - Main amplifier ON & OFF.
  • AC Power:- 220-240V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption:- 85W

Dimensions:- 495w x 445h x 255d

Weight:- 18.5Kg

Optional Accessories:-  Belcat FST22 Latching Footswitch


Awesome - Artist TweedTone 20R 20 Watt Tube(Valve)

By: Pat Walsh on 28 February 2018
I love this Amp. At $499 It is pound for pound (and Dollar for Dollar) the Best value Valve amp around. it has separate Clean and Drive channels that You can toggle(noiselessly)between using an optional footswitch (I already had one) And both are Great The Clean is sparkly Clean and the Drive has some real Grunt. I have tested it with My Jimmy Vaughan Fender Strat(Single Coils), My PRS SE277 SemiHollow Baritone Guitar(P90s) and My Artist LP59 (Humbuckers)and all the Guitars really Shine through this Amp. My other Amps are a VoxAC15HW(Alnico Blue) and Vox AD60 VTX and this Little Champ is right up there with them at a fraction of the price

TweedTone 20R

By: Stephen on 16 October 2017
Amp arrived this morning and I was immediately very impressed with the packaging. Plenty of cardboard protecting this beauty and although there are bumps and tears in the outside of the box the amp was untouched deep inside. After unpacking and a read of the one page instructions I powered it up and plugged in my Artist Butterscotch Tele (one of my favourites with new Tonepro Vintage Plus pickups fitted!!) An hour later I stopped playing and was stoked! Great amp and great fun! Before I bought this amp I wasn't sure if I needed it (not a reason I've worried about before) because I already had a Joyo 5 watt valve amp that really does all I need. As soon as I started playing though I new that I had a new favourite. Love the switchable clean/drive! Amazing possibilities of tone with heaps of grunt.

Brilliant Amp!

By: John on 26 March 2017
Super happy with this tube/valve amp combo. Sounds great with single coil or humbucker equipped guitars and can go low enough to be a practice amp for the house/bedroom, without annoying the neighbours. Build quality is excellent. This amp's value for money factor, can't be beaten, anywhere in the world, IMO. Buy with confidence. Free foot switch and leather strap intro offer was a nice touch, BTW.

TweedTone20R 20 Watt Tube Amp

By: David Baker on 25 March 2017
This is a very good amp. For the price I don't know of a better amp. I have several amps and have used many over the years. I also have the Fender SUPER-SONIC 22 COMBO (cost over $2000.00) which weighs a ton and does not perform any better. The tweed tone is also loud. The tone for the clean channel is just that and there is great tonal range from the dirty channel. The foot switch works seamlessly between channels and there is no noise when changing channel. Overall a very good tube amp at a very good price.


By: Tony Jaggers on 24 March 2017
After 50 years of different amps from Goldentones to Fender Hot Rods via Marshall Quads, Roland and Peavey I have finally found what I want at a price I can afford. I am blown away by this little beauty....the tone is sweet with my Strat and it rings with acoustiv harmonics if I stick a Maton in it...You see the venues I play have volume issues and I never get a chance to wind out previous amps and warm those tubes...but this amp allows me to push it to the sweet spot with heaps of headroom left. Maybe if I do an electric band gig it might need to be miked but then I usually looks great....and sounds delicious. Only negative was I was expecting a bit less weight than the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe but its still pretty heavy (Yes I'm guessed it) but that weight translates to good quality components. for $400...I am stoked

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