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This pack includes:

  • 1 x Artist TC59 TC Style Electric Guitar with Bullbucker Pickups
  • 1 x Artist REC300RC Black Electric Guitar Hard Case With Lock

Artist TC59 Electric Guitar with Bullbucker Pickups

The Artist TC59 Electric guitar has certainly been a long time in the development phase but as the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait" - the TC59 is finally here and a "good thing" it certainly is!

Combining vintage styling with contemporary appointments, the TC59 is a worthy addition to the Artist Guitars brand offering everything that you could want in an electric guitar without the hefty price tag.

Sporting Artist's in-house designed and manufactured "Bullbucker" humbucking pickups, the range of sound possibilities that can be achieved from the '59 whether it be jazz, blues, rock or country, is quite astounding. The "Bullbuckers" are a fantastic pickup in their own right and are starting to make some very positive noise amongst guitar players but when they are combined with the TC59's American Ash body and the vintage style maple neck you have an absolutely outstanding guitar package.

The modern bridge which allows for each string's intonation to be adjusted separately guarantees that you can set your guitar up to its optimal level - such a necessary and useful innovation.

To top it all off this wonderful little axe has locking machine heads that make sure that tuning is never far from perfect.

Check this little beauty out! You won't be disappointed!!!

The Tech Features:

Brand: Artist

Model: TC59

Scale Length: 648 mm / 25.5 Inches

Body Wood: American Ash

Machine Heads: Improved Locking Machine Heads

Finish: Natural Gloss

Neck: 22 fret Maple Fingerboard; Satin Finish; Bone Nut; Nut Width: 43mm; C-Shape Neck

Fingerborad Radius: 12"" (305mm)

Bridge: Modern Style Bridge with Brass Saddles(Individually Adjustable)

Pickups: Humbucker/Humbucker (Bullbucker pickups with Chrome Covers)

Features: 3 way switch, Coil Splitting, String Through Body, Better Wiring Shielding

Weight: 4kg - 4.5kg approx.

Optional Hardcases: REC300RC, REC350BK, REC350FTB, EC500

Optional Gig Bags: HGBAGST, BAGST

Artist REC300RC Black Electric Guitar Hard Case With Lock and Rounded Corners

This sturdy guitar hard case will suit most electric guitars like Strat's, Tele's and many other similar models. Its a sturdy decent quality guitar case.

Electric Guitars that will fit this case - Les Paul Junior, Strat's, Tele's, Jazzmasters and Jaguars, RG Style Ibanez, Super Strats like Jackson Soloist, Artist AG1, AG100, Artist Grungemaster. It will also fit our Artist PB34 3/4 Bass.

Electric Guitars that will NOT fit this case- Genuine Gibson & Epiphone SG's, Flying V's, Explorers, Dean ML & ZL, BC Rich or PRS

If you're not sure if your model will fit just email us with the brand and model and we will let you know the most suitable case we stock.

Made from strong laminate wood and covered in a thick vinyl covering. It's plush lined and comes with a large accessories compartment for storing all your leads, pedals, spare strings and accessories. The latches are chrome and the centre latch has a lock.

We have one of the largest ranges of guitar cases, so if this doesn't suit your model check out our other models, or contact us with the Brand and Model of your guitar so we can advise the correct model from our range.

The Tech Features

Model: REC300RC

Colour: Black

Weight: 5 Kg. / 11 lb and 0.4 oz

Material: PVC + Plywood

Internal Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 105cm / 41516
  • Body Length: 52cm / 2012”inches
  • Width: 34cm / 1338”inches
  • Depth: 7cm / 234


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Great guitar / excellent value

By: on 6 May 2022
I've been playing my new TC59 for a week or so now and it was great just out of the box. It looks great (which is always important - a nice looking guitar begs to be played) and it feels great in the hand. The sounds I can get from the Bullbucker pickups are surprisingly excellent. I wish that I had heard of Artist Guitars before I wasted all that money over the years on Fenders, Gibsons, Gretches and Martins!

Artist Guitars Response
We really appreciate it for taking the time to leave feedback and are glad to know that you are satisfied with our products and services.

Awesome Axe

By: on 7 April 2022
I have no need for yet another guitar - BUT - I watched some reviews on you-tube and my interest was peaked! In a moment of boredom and irresponsible cash management, I saw a returned TC59 on the website for $220 something dollars delivered.... so I pressed the right buttons and 2 days later (yes 2) another guitar shows up at my place and I need to hide it in the collection somehow. I have a bunch of guitars, including 8 teles - real, copies and a couple i've made. Number 9 (TC59) will fit nicely as a player. I've been chasing tone with a couple of builds and this thing dares to show up on the doorstep and nail it straight out of the box. Through the Peavey Studio clean it is brilliant. A bit of drive and it sounds nice and cranky with plenty of twang. These pickups are everything the review tubes rave about. I don't think the return customer played with the setup but its perfect out of the box. Love the tuners and flexibility of the split coils. If I were whingy I would suggest individual splits per pickup but its only $220 something! Its as good as any of the others I have and will have its place as a player. Great job - excellent guitar - fully recommended for anyone wanting a great working guitar. And always take two axes to a gig...

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your wonderful review and recommendation for the guitar. We really appreciate it.

Just buy one!

By: on 31 March 2022
As other reviews have noted, I was very sceptical of purchasing a guitar online without feeling it. Guitars can be a very personal preference when it comes to feel but the amount of positive reviews and the price forced my hand to give it a go, and boy am I glad I did! I’ve had the guitar for only 4 days, but as soon as I started playing it knew I loved it. Yes the guitar has some weight to it, but I prefer that. Reminds me of my dads 45 year old Ibanez that I started playing with. With some very minor adjustment of the action (personal preference can’t be factory set) this thing plays fast! No trust rod or intonation adjustment required. The pickups are so versatile, from providing creamy smooth clean tones, light overdrive to full blown heavy metal, it seriously does it all. I’ve looked really hard to find a negative on this and for the life of me I can’t find one. It holds its tuning after hours of playing and bending. The split coil function works really well with very minimal volume loss, but a great twangy tone. I honestly do not know how Artist Guitars can make a guitar of this quality for this price. It’s become my go to guitar already and look forward to many hours together. Do yourself a favour, just buy one!

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!


By: on 29 March 2022
Just got my TC59 yesterday, love it,it's a fabulous guitar, can't believe how beautiful it is, supposed to be a Factory 2nd but I can't see why, it looks perfect to me. Thanks very much, need to buy some strings now, always like to have a couple of spare sets for each guitar.

Artist Guitars Response
We're glad to hear that you loved the guitar! Thank you so much for the feedback. We're always here if you need anything. Cheers!

Superb guitar for the Artist in you.

By: on 23 March 2022
After reading and watching various reviews on the Artist TC59 Telecaster I opted to purchase direct from Artist Guitars and couldn't praise them more. An easy site to navigate, even easier to place your order and within a few days, I had my guitar in my hands so hats off to Artist guitars for superb customer service. The guitar - well I was amazed to see that I had a solid body American Ash, twin Bullbucker/Humbucker pickups with split coil facility, chrome bridge with individually adjustable saddles, lockable tuners and a finish that is magnificent. All of this for $368 Australian 'with' a hard case. You will be hard pushed to find a better deal that sounds like this and looks like this for this price. It is a chunky, heavy instrument but after playing it with its rich mid range and its spanky country twangs, the weight means nothing to me. I would recommend without any reservations this guitar to any aspiring artist who is looking for a great spec guitar at an extremely reasonable price.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and we really appreciate the support!

Artist TC59 guitar

By: on 21 March 2022
I have now purchased 4 of this model,1 as new and 3 as returned or damaged bargains,I therefore feel pretty confident in recommending one as a proper playing guitar. Yes they're a bit heavy but I've managed so far and I'm almost old and worn out. Even the most 'damaged' purchase had a relatively minor wiring issue,and I'm no guitar tech. My only wish for an otherwise fantastic instrument would be a 2 point trem system as on the artist ST type guitar. This would make ,at least for me ,a fine ,playable guitar even more versatile. Fretboard and pickups lend themselves to any genre so please consider. Thankyou Artist guitars,I am approaching a complete rig comprising solely Artist products

Artist Guitars Response
It is our pleasure and thank you so much for leaving us this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

It IS a beast

By: on 28 February 2022
I got this guitar a few months back as a return from the bargain bin, so with my earned credit it ended up costing me under $200. As I had been considering one of these (or the TL69) for time, I gave it a whirl. The finish is spotless (mine is essentially subtly stiped). It has a lovely feel to the maple neck with a bit of figuring on it (although I must admit, after getting used to the necks of the Artist LP59 and Cherry 58, it took a while to warm to it). The bullbuckers are great, and there is a usable tone when split. Oh, and it keeps tune pretty well too. A very good addition to the collection and well worth the money. For the record, I did not notice a weight issue - but neither I am gigging with it for hours. But the heft does go with the look and sound of it I think!

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the continued support!

As good as everyone says

By: on 9 February 2022
I got a factory second guitar a couple of weeks ago, it had a few black dots in the back that I didn’t care. I took out of the box, tuned it, quick setup check and played nice although I wasn’t getting the sound most people rave about it. Weekend arrived, I changed the strings in no time thanks to the locking tuners, checked setup and found that both pickups were very low, I adjusted them and immediately the sound improved 100%, simply delightful, deep bass and intense mids and high tones with a lot of sustain. I tried the split coil and the guitar sounded great as well. Finish is very good, neck is outstanding, smooth on the back and sides, I didn’t feel fret imperfections. I’m happy with this purchase regardless that is one kilo heavier than a Fender Telecaster I own, but it doesn’t matter as I play sitting all the time. The Bullbucker pickups can roar or can be delicate for jazz. I hope Artist may offer a TC59 with P90s in the near future.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us. We do introduce new models and variants so it is possible we may have one in the future.

TC59 - fabulous!

By: on 2 February 2022
Nice guitar, excellent sound , but , unfortunately, I wanted to change the strings. What a nightmare! I had to pull the guitar apart just to get to the holes which didn't line up with the bridge, then try and feed the strings back up through the plate which feeds them up at a 45 degree angle! So convenient! Thanks for that. I had a million laughs trying to get it all back together! Make sure you take a a spare guitar to that next gig! If I'd had any idea it was set up like this, I never would've bothered. The old cliche, you get what you pay for. Never again!..

Artist Guitars Response
I am sorry to hear about the problems you have had and encountered with the guitar. I've tried searching for any reference to your order here on the review but I'm unable to find any. Please feel free to send an email to or give us a call on our toll-free number, and we would be more than happy to assist you in getting concerns about the guitar resolved. We look forward to hearing from you.

Heavy Rock

By: on 15 July 2021
After wearing out my aging archtop (Some 50 years old) I decided it was time to replace it with something a bit more modern. No longer playing professionally I needed good sound quality without the high price tag. There is no way i could do 3 sets on stage carrying the (4 Kg) of TC59 but the output would make me give it a try. This is the second Artist guitar I have bought blind and it shows what I have missed. Even out of the box played through my Roland Jazz Chorus 77 the sound quality was way beyond expectation. The TC59 has also retired my Telecaster copy. Where was this when I was playing pro music? You would have to go a long way to beat this for value and quality.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review and we're glad to know that you're happy with your TC59. Cheers!

Great Sound

By: on 1 January 2021
Guitar looks great, the sound is awesome

Guitar review

By: on 24 July 2020
this is a great quality guitar for a wonderful price,the coil splitting is top quality,it has a great sound,the bullbucker pickups are awesome.


By: on 8 July 2020
Awesome guitar


By: on 10 June 2020
i am very pleased with this guitar, it looks great, the joints and wood work are also very well done , the bullbuckers have a great sound with the added ability to split them, the locking tuning knobs are extra value, sure it is heavy but so is my mahogany l.p. and for the price its a steal. i love it. oh, and the case was very well built also, so i'm glad i bought that also.

Blown away

By: on 10 May 2020
This guitar is awesome really happy with the sound I’m getting out of it and amazed by the quality. It played perfectly right out of the box I even liked the stings it came with and man It just looks so dame good this is the 2nd guitar I’ve bought from Artist as well as other items, Both are amazing in quality and value the Customer service I’ve received has been awesome, great friendly staff blown away by this awesome company keep up the great work Artist

Artist TC59 TC Style Electric Guitar with Bullbuck

By: on 13 March 2020
Such good value...plays great...beautiful finish....bought it + a case which sturdy - recommended

Artist tc guitar

By: on 15 January 2020
Incredibly quick dispatch, love the guitar, the case had a tiny rip which they were willing to replace or a 10 percent discount. I’m very happy with both product and service.

Fantastic Value and More Than Entry Level Quality

By: on 12 December 2019
I recently bought myself an Artist TC-59, having first intended only to buy a hard case for a future Telecaster I had been planning to acquire. Having looked at a number of reviews of the TC-59, including youtube demos, my interest was sparked. I put in an online order for the guitar and hard case and the package arrived within four days (I live in Adelaide). Out of the box I have to say that this is one beautiful looking guitar - amazingly well appointed for the price ($269 for guitar only and $344 including hard case). Price wise, it compares to entry level instruments, but from the look, feel and sound perspectives, it appears to be way out in front. The American ash body finish is very pleasing to the eye - not quite the classic telecaster finish but I love it. Pick ups (bullbuckers) give great tonal variety and the split coil function (activated by raising the tone control knob) is a master stroke. This gives the player access to a more authentic single coil telecaster sound if preferred, but with all the flexibility across the three pick-up positions that the dual or split coil positions offer. I'm leaning in the direction of the single coil sound myself, but of course that explains why I had been intending on buying a Telecaster in the first place. I'm playing the guitar at present through a Boss Katana MK2 amp and just starting to experiment with the variety of sounds offered from this combination - could take me a while I fear, but a happy problem to have! A word of explanation - I'm a drummer who also plays guitar and am now focusing more on guitar playing. So, while my expectations might not be as refined as a career guitarist, I can in any event honestly say that I am loving most aspects of this guitar and can't believe how the Artist folks have done it at this price point. The only negative I can come up with at present is in relation to the tuning. I'm struggling a bit to come to terms with the locking machine heads and the best way to use them to keep from slipping out of tune. Pretty sure new and top quality strings will help in this regard and might also be worth investing in quality machine heads in the future. Anyway, overall I'm pretty happy with this purchase. I've given five stars as I think the value for money kicks it out of the park. Had great and responsive after sales customer service also from John when I rang to talk about the locking tuning and some initial issues I had. I may well still buy the made in USA Telecaster at a future point, but I reckon the TC-59 will be hard placed to be bumped off the stage at gigs. For looks alone, this is a cracker!


By: on 24 September 2019
This has the potential to be a great guitar. It is a well made quality guitar and looks great. Mine had some minor intonation issues turned out to be a tight string binding nut issue. Given time with regular hard playing it will settle in and with some minor adjustments I will find that sweet spot with playability. Pickups are versatile with a good range of sounds that suit all styles and they are powerful. Neck fits good in my medium size hand and easy to bend notes and apply vibrato. Buy this guitar if you want a Tele but don't want to spend the big bucks it is every bit as good as the Fender at a fraction of the price... I know as I have played them for over 40 years. The locking tuners are a top quality feature too. I know I will get to love this guitar it has that aura about it.

Review Artist TC59 Telecaster Style Guitar w/ Bull

By: on 4 May 2019
Received these items about a week/two weeks, ago. Arrived on time. The guitar looks good, plays well and sounds great!!! Guitar was set up, ready to go...WELL DONE, ARTIST!!! The case is sturdy and appropriate for this 'Tele' Shadow, look. It's heavy so be aware, if considering buying for a young person!!! Very happy with the ARTIST TC59 Tele!!! I'd recommend this unit...definately!!! Thanks, Artist staff!!!