Artist LP6G Cimmerian LP Style Electric Guitar with Active Pickups

Artist LP6G Cimmerian LP Style Electric Guitar with Active Pickups

The  LP6G "Cimmerian" is the next generation of what was originally Artist's "Stealth" guitar. As a new example of an "old faithful", this guitar offers a few quality improvements without radically altering the idea behind the original instrument. 

The Les Paul style mahogany body is finished in matte black with a subtle vintage binding around the top and nice deep contour on the back that ensures that the guitar sits into your body very comfortably. The active humbucking pickups feature black covers and are secured by gold screws - a nice touch. The gold stop tailpiece and bridge along with the gold volume and tone knobs really add something to the look of this guitar. So not only does this axe play well it looks great particularly when you're standing under the lights and about to launch into that blistering solo!

The 24 fret neck is mahogany on a eco-rosewood board with the unique mother of pearl inlays a feature as is the bone nut.

The headstock has been purposely designed so that the strings maintain a straighter angle to each machine head. This can aid both in tuning and can also help lessen the annoying tendency for strings to snap at the nut.

The gold plated machine heads on this guitar are another great innovation - they look great but most importantly they work well.

This is definitely a guitar that offers value for money on many levels and there is no doubt that if you get your hands on it you may find it very difficult to put it down again.

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The Tech Features:

Brand:- Artist

Model:- LP6G

Body:- Mahogany

Neck:- Mahogany with a 24 fret eco-rosewood fingerboard with a 42mm Bone Nut

  • Features a narrow headstock for a more consistent, straight string pull

Pickups:- 2x Active Pickups in Plastic Matte housing, both Ceramic Magnets.

Controls:-  Gold Coloured 2x Volume, 1x Tone, 3-Way Toggle Switch 

Bridge:- Gold Coloured Nickel Tunomatic, Gold stop tailpiece

Machine head:- Die-cast Gold coloured Nickel Machine Heads

Included Accessories:- Truss Rod Allan Key, Guitar Cable, 9V Battery

Neck Profile:

  • Scale: 24.75' (628mm)
  • 1st fret Thickness:20mm
  • Nut 42mm
  • Neck Shape: Modern D
  • Radius: 14' (350mm)


Love it!

By: Charlie on 26 December 2019
I got this guitar for myself an early 25th birthday prezzie back in September and it's become one of my favourite electrics I have ever held or played!! I am extremely happy with my purchase. I'd recommend it to anyone and a great price as well !

Fantastic Guitar & Value for money 10/10

By: Michael Haller on 25 December 2019
I purchased this bad boy about a week or so ago. The guitar arrived well packed and in a spotless condition, I could not fault it at all. The matt black and gold go together well. The guitar simply looks great. Being as Anal as I am I changed the strings to Pyramid Gold flatwound 10-46's and checked out all of the setup, it only needed a tad of tweaking here and there. The active pickups sound great and to be truthful I have been playing this guitar rather than an old vintage '59 Les Paul that was given to me by an old digger just before he passed. The old '59 is just far too heavy and is going back in storage. The Artist guitar is my number one go too Les Paul nowadays. The only modification I can think of doing it fitting 18:1 Grover Locking Tuners and that is it. Do yourself a favor don't go looking at $2000 plus USA Gibson Les Pauls. I have a large collection of guitars and am 59 years old and have been playing various instruments since I was 12 so you can trust me on this one. Buy one of these amazing guitars, Ian and Molly will look after you. It took me years to learn this and I know you cannot put old heads on young shoulders but forget brands, they mean nothing but they cost you a lot of money. Let your ears and eyes select your guitars, not brand names or guitars based on specially built custom shop Artist endorsed guitars. Just because they can sound great doesn't mean you will sound any better at all. I gave this guitar 10/10 well done guys.

Cimmerian LP6G is a beast!!

By: Brad on 14 November 2019
Didn't really expect much as the price is so cheap but yeah happy to say that this thing is a monster. With a quick truss rod adjustment this guitar has no buzz whatsoever and is silky smooth to play. I used to play LTDs and now I think I have a new favourite brand. Really stoked on this guitar. Thanks heaps Artist!! Keep up the good work.

Great for the price.

By: Mathew Collier on 17 July 2019
This is a great les Paul style guitar for the price. Sounds great and plays great.

Stealth LP6

By: kaleb fleming on 12 July 2019
Mate, this is an amazing guitar and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants that hard rock/metal sound in a guitar

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