Artist GRUNGEMASTER - JM Style Electric Guitar

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Artist GRUNGEMASTER - JM Style Electric Guitar

Our Artist GRUNGEMASTER was purpose designed here at Artist Guitars to be a great 1st guitar to set you on your path of dirty riffs... it has a Basswood body, Maple Neck with Rosewood fretboard and plastic block shaped Inlays, two 'P90' styled Single Coil Ceramic Bar Pickups with a 3-way selector, Tune-O-Matic bridge with a Stop-Tail-Bar for greater stability, and Die-cast Chrome Machine Head tuners.


Tech Specs

Brand :- Artist


Neck:- 25.5 inches Scale Length, Maple Bolt-On Neck, Truss Rod, 21 Frets, Eco-Rosewood Fretboard with 'Block' shaped plastic Inlays.

Body:- Basswood with Tortoise shell scratch plate

Machine Heads:- Die-cast Chrome

Bridge:- Chrome coloured tune-o-matic style, with 'Stop-Bar' anchor.

Pickups:-  Wilkinson Cream coloured soapbar covered 'P90' type pickups, ceramic bar magnet. 

                 Neck - M-90N   7.8K   5.2H

                 Bridge - M-90B  9.2K   6.2H

Controls:- 1 x Volume, 1 x Tone and a 3-way switch

Colour:- White

Neck Profile:

  • Scale : 648mm
  • Nut Width : 43mm
  • 1st fret Thickness : 21mm
  • Shape : Modern D
  • Radius : 350mm

Dimensions:- 103.5cm x 54cm x 8.5cm

Optional Extras to fit this Guitar:-



As good as my Fender Jazzmaster if not better

By: on 7 April 2019
I bought a Grungemaster last week, it is basically a knock-off of a Fender Jazzmaster guitar except it doesn't have that horrible vintage bridge tremolo system that causes strings to jump off the rails and it is very hard to keep in tune. That is why I bought the Grungemaster so sick of the Fender vintage bridge. I am shocked at the quality of this Artist guitar and it looks great. It is a lot lighter than my Fender which is good too. Moreover, it plays really well the neck is fantastic I use a lot or barre chords and it is so smooth - great neck. I am playing the Artist guitar more than my $3000 Fenders now I just really like the feel and sound of the Grungemaster and the price is beyond belief. My guitar tech told me years ago don't buy for brand names buy for quality and playability - let your ears tell you which guitar to buy and he is 100% right if I took the Artist name off put a Fender Transfer on the neck no one would know the difference except the Fender Jazzmaster costs about 5 times more. I give this guitar 10/10 Ian top stuff. How about bringing out a Firebird or an Ibanez Prestige knock off Obviously these would cost more. Thanks again Ian and Molly top job.

Poorly Made Guitar

By: on 9 March 2019
For $250 most people wouldn't really expect much from a guitar. Howver the amount of faults this guitar has is dissapointing. Just got it recently to find out that the slots for the pickups were loose, the pickguard was poorly cut in mkst areas, leaving the body behind the pickguard exposed, the pickups weren't correctly aligned with the strings, the neck feels plasticy to play, and isn't smooth to feel or do bends on, tuning pegs go out of tune after only an hour of playing, the bridge wasn't screwed on well, the tone and volume knobs make a squeak, and the included lead didnt work out of the box. Not to mention the guitar sounds awful. Very dissapointed.

Second time success

By: on 2 March 2019
After seeing some great reviews for the ‘Grunge master’ guitar. I decided to give one a try. I’ve always loved the look of these and didn’t have one. Delivery was made in a timely fashion (to Hobart can at time take a while). Sadly the guitar I received had a few too many issues that I wasn’t comfortable with. I jumped onto the site and had a return label emailed to me within 10 minutes. An easy process to return the guitar and a replacement was sent out promptly to boot. After an hour of tinkering ( you can’t expect a $249 guitar to be perfect), I had a cool looking instrument and have been playing it all week. While the process did have a setback, communication to and from Artist guitars was simple and timely. Thanks guys,I am having lots of fun with my new guitar.

Update of my previous Grungemaster review

By: on 26 February 2019
My first review of the Grungemaster was written rather hastily after 2 weeks of 12 hr shifts & frustration over a small issue. So...I think it's fair to give a more balanced review.. Overall, I think the Grungemaster is excellent value for money. I had been aware of them for some time but was somewhat sceptical. I saw one on the website which was a factory second & although I wasn't in the market for another guitar (I have 15 already), i didn't have any guitars with P90s. So I took the plunge & grabbed it. At first it was hard to tell why it was a factory second (minor paintwork inconsistencies, i think)....but even at full price I would've been happy with it. Straight out the box, it is a decent, functioning & playable guitar. The first thing I do with any cheaper guitars, is to change the tuning machines, not that it necessarily needed it...I'm just very fussy about guitars & its not really realistic to expect to find a set of $75 tuners on a $250 guitar. I recorded a few tracks as soon as I got it...& it sounded great. The only real issue was with one of the bridge saddles. In order for it to intonate correctly, the saddle had to be reversed. The customer service team was very quick to respond & offered to arrange a refund....but literally minutes after I posted my review, I fixed the problem (hate when they happens...!). I think the Grungemaster would make a great first guitar for anyone beginning to learn...or even a seasoned pro looking for something that has a certain vibe. I've now got my eyes on the Cherry 58 & another bass. Kudos to the team at Artist Guitars...!

I really wanted to write a positive review..

By: on 15 February 2019
Just purchased the Grungemaster a few days ago. It was a factory second, so saved a few dollars. First thing I noticed was the tuners were not very stable so replaced with a set of Gotohs. Cheap guitars will always have cheap tuners so I didn't have a problem in upgrading them. Then I noticed the intonation on the D string was WAY out, so far out, it made no difference how far I adjusted the saddle, it was not possible to intonate. Only other way, was to take the saddle out & turn it around. No problem. Then I realized it was the old type of ABR bridge with the tiny little clip which holds the screw in place. It popped out. Do you think I could get it back in...? Not on your life. Googled how to get the clip in place. Now....after a total of 4 hrs, i cannot get the screw to go through the clip. It is INCREDIBLY difficult....& that is an understatement...!!! Without that tiny little clip in place, the saddle will not sit tightly in place. So now....i'm potentially up for a new bridge. Things are not looking good at all. I had done plenty of research & read plenty of reviews & watched as many youtube vids before buying this guitar & i was very much looking forward to playing it. I really, really wanted this to be positive review. Sorry.... very disappointed.....

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