Artist GRUNGEMASTER - JM Style Electric Guitar

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Artist GRUNGEMASTER - JM Style Electric Guitar

Our Artist GRUNGEMASTER was purpose-designed here at Artist Guitars to be a great 1st guitar to set you on your path of dirty riffs... it has a Basswood body, Maple Neck with Eco-Rosewood fretboard and plastic block shaped Inlays, two 'P90' styled Single Coil Ceramic Bar Pickups with a 3-way selector, Tune-O-Matic bridge with a Stop-Tail-Bar for greater stability, and Die-cast Chrome Machine Head tuners.


Tech Specs

Brand :- Artist


Neck:- 25.5 inches Scale Length, Maple Bolt-On Neck, Truss Rod, 21 Frets, Eco-Rosewood Fretboard with 'Block' shaped plastic Inlays.

Body:- Basswood with Tortoise shell scratch plate

Machine Heads:- Die-cast Chrome

Bridge:- Chrome coloured tune-o-matic style, with 'Stop-Bar' anchor.

Pickups:-  Wilkinson Cream coloured soapbar covered 'P90' type pickups, ceramic bar magnet. 

                 Neck - M-90N   7.8K   5.2H

                 Bridge - M-90B  9.2K   6.2H

Controls:- 1 x Volume, 1 x Tone and a 3-way switch

Colour:- White

Neck Profileļ¼š

  • Scale : 648mm
  • Nut Width : 43mm
  • 1st fret Thickness : 21mm
  • Shape : Modern D
  • Radius : 350mm

Dimensions:- 103.5cm x 54cm x 8.5cm

Optional Extras to fit this Guitar:-



Another Winner

By: Clinton on 15 October 2019
Fantastic high quality well made guitar. All of the hardware is of a high quality and the Wilkinson P90s sound fantastic. Neck is one of the most comfortable ive ever played. Anyone considering buying other well known brands should consider saving their money and buy this or other Artist models instead. Higher quality than my Squier Classic vibes and vintage modified guitars and at a 3rd of the price. Don't know how they do it but I love it.

Another bargain from Artist!

By: Rob McCarthy on 8 October 2019
I've had the Grungemaster for a while now but hadn't reviewed it here. I've since bought an Artist ST62 Strat style (brilliant) and a Gnosis 6 (also great) I bought the Grungemaster coz I always liked to look of the Fender Jazzmaster but it was priced far too high for me. I also wanted to try a guitar with P90 single coil PUs. I am very pleased with my Grunge. The sound is big. Those Wilkinson P90s are hot and full toned with that single coil brightness. The neck is very comfortable and the guitar holds tune well in live situations. I like the way the P90s are wired out of phase in the middle position (both PUs) giving some effective hum bucking. You won't be disappointed with one of these great solid guitars that have a vintage vibe. Thanks Artist!

Fantastic Value Grungemaster Guitar by Artist Guit

By: Michael Haller on 29 August 2019
I have been told time and time again forget about brand names when purchasing guitars it took a long time to sink in but I am fully aware of what I have been told for years now and it is very important that you buy with your ears and eyes, not a brand. I have a Fender Squire Jazzmaster which I thought was the best Jazzmaster out I think I paid about $600 for it. Then my friends come over and want to play it an jam with me so I bought an Artist Grungemaster so I had a spare for them to use. Well the Grungemaster has become my go to clean tone guitar, it runs circles around my Squire in so many ways, I found out my Squire doesn't even have P90 pickups it only has two single coil pickups. I am not sure if the Grungemaster are the same but they certainly sound a lot more powerful than the pups in the Squire. My friends get to use the Squire and I jam on my Grungemaster. I always put 10-46 Erinie Ball Super Slinky strings on all of my guitars especially new guitars. I did a quick check of the Grungemaster setup, it had low action and not fret Buzz so I put my set of 10-46 strings on and still low action and no fret buzz all of the setup settings were fine. I didnt have to adjust anything all were still spot on. As it has been such a good guitar I took it to my local Luthier come guitar tech to get the frets levelled and polished and the get his opinion on locking tuners as I was thinking of getting him to put a set on the Grungemaster. Ian played my G/Master, looked over the neck, took his rocker out and checked for frets that were not level, action, setup etc was ok or needed some adjustments. i was quite happy to part with $150 for him to ensure it was the best it could be. He handed it back to me after slightly nipping up the tuning machine clutch screws and said, "If every guitar was like this from the factory I would be out of a job". He has been playing for over 40 years and can detect bad frets etc just by playing up and down the neck. I nearly had to pull the Grungemaster from his hands as he was having too much fun with it. he went on to tell me that he had looked over several "Artist" brand guitars of late and he couldn't fault them. I asked him about putting on locking tuners and he said that the tuners were fine and would maintain concert pitch tuning no worries at all and it has I always check my tuning every time I pick my guitar up and it has been spot on for weeks now. I think it is important to say that you must change your strings regularly if you want your guitar to sound good so all of my guitars get a new set of strings monthly. You can buy them in bulk from Artist Guitars and their prices are very low. I recommend you go with 10-46's even if you are a beginner. Grab a Grungemaster and have a ball with it I cannot recommend the Grungemaster, or the Artist Stratocasters and Telecasters I have bought for myself and friends over the past few years they are a great bit of gear. Buy from Artist Guitars forget the name some of my very expensive guitars do not have the quality of finish that Artist Guitars have. Thanks for your help over the years Ian just keep on doing what you are doing which is a great job, cheers Michael H

Artist Guitars / Company #1 in Australia... Fantas

By: Bob Hely on 22 August 2019
Hi... I've been playing Guitar / Bass Professionally / Semi-Professionally for more than 50 years ( yes, more than 50 years; I'm almost 71... )... having had all of the " Name Brands " of instruments over the years, Artist Guitars can take a bow; Great Competitive Prices offering terrific Value For Money, Great Service and follow up, Ease of purchase and most of all " their musical gear is really good " ... who ever selects the supplier of instruments for the Artist brand should get a pay rise, Great Work indeed !!! ... I bought a " Grungemaster " with hard case a few weeks ago and I'm luvin' it... BUY ONE NOW BEFORE THEY RUN OUT !!!... I'm very happy to put my name to this review... Bob Hely, Gold Coast, Qld. 4209.


By: Stephen Watson on 15 August 2019
I've come to have pretty high expectations of artist gear as I've bought their tenor guitar, OM size acoustic and their cutaway classical, all exceeded expectations, so bought this grunge master expecting a good guitar despite it being a bargain and an electric. Once again you've exceeded my expectations, This guitar looks better than it did in the photos the pearl finish is well saturated and looks deep. the pickups seem Bright and true no buzz, tone is good right up the neck and the action is perfect right out of the box! I've seen plenty of brand name electrics that take hours of stuffing around to get an action half that good. Once again Artist you rock!

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