Artist GRUNGEMASTER - JM Style Electric Guitar

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Artist GRUNGEMASTER - JM Style Electric Guitar

Our Artist GRUNGEMASTER was purpose designed here at Artist Guitars to be a great 1st guitar to set you on your path of dirty riffs... it has a Basswood body, Maple Neck with Rosewood fretboard and plastic block shaped Inlays, two 'P90' styled Single Coil Ceramic Bar Pickups with a 3-way selector, Tune-O-Matic bridge with a Stop-Tail-Bar for greater stability, and Die-cast Chrome Machine Head tuners.


Tech Specs

Brand :- Artist


Neck:- 25.5 inches Scale Length, Maple Bolt-On Neck, Truss Rod, 21 Frets, Eco-Rosewood Fretboard with 'Block' shaped plastic Inlays.

Body:- Basswood with Tortoise shell scratch plate

Machine Heads:- Die-cast Chrome

Bridge:- Chrome coloured tune-o-matic style, with 'Stop-Bar' anchor.

Pickups:-  Wilkinson Cream coloured soapbar covered 'P90' type pickups, ceramic bar magnet. 

                 Neck - M-90N   7.8K   5.2H

                 Bridge - M-90B  9.2K   6.2H

Controls:- 1 x Volume, 1 x Tone and a 3-way switch

Colour:- White

Neck Profile:

  • Scale : 648mm
  • Nut Width : 43mm
  • 1st fret Thickness : 21mm
  • Shape : Modern D
  • Radius : 350mm

Dimensions:- 103.5cm x 54cm x 8.5cm

Optional Extras to fit this Guitar:-



Great for the price

By: Michael on 12 July 2019
I returned the first one sent out as it had some pretty rough fret edges and a little nick here and there (a "lemon" as they called it). The second one was great, esp. for the price. Everything on the body is great, the pickups are decent, the bridge is good. You will replace the strap buttons, though. The neck feels a little "cheapy" but it's done pretty well considering price. I filed the nut a bit and the tuners are average but they work ok and it stays in tune. The replacement one they sent had some "set up" problems. Just needed a bit more relief before lowering the action, etc. First one was fine. All in all worth the money for sure.

Very happy

By: Shaun on 26 June 2019
Came well packed and in excellent time. Kept up to date with progress of delivery. Very happy with my purchase and dealings with Artist Guitars


By: Chris on 16 June 2019
I’ve been playing guitar for around 30 years and have gigged and recorded a lot. I have a 1991 American Fender Strat and a Gibson SG, among a bunch of other instruments. I dropped in to Artist guitars out of boredom and was shocked at the quality of the electric guitars on display. (I’m less taken with the acoustics, but that’s another story.) I played the grungemaster for about two minutes before realising I had to have it. This isn’t just a “good guitar for the money” - it’s a really good guitar. It needed a setup, but that’s it. The neck is beautiful. Never getting rid of this. Amazed.

As good as my Fender Jazzmaster if not better

By: Michael Haller on 7 April 2019
I bought a Grungemaster last week, it is basically a knock-off of a Fender Jazzmaster guitar except it doesn't have that horrible vintage bridge tremolo system that causes strings to jump off the rails and it is very hard to keep in tune. That is why I bought the Grungemaster so sick of the Fender vintage bridge. I am shocked at the quality of this Artist guitar and it looks great. It is a lot lighter than my Fender which is good too. Moreover, it plays really well the neck is fantastic I use a lot or barre chords and it is so smooth - great neck. I am playing the Artist guitar more than my $3000 Fenders now I just really like the feel and sound of the Grungemaster and the price is beyond belief. My guitar tech told me years ago don't buy for brand names buy for quality and playability - let your ears tell you which guitar to buy and he is 100% right if I took the Artist name off put a Fender Transfer on the neck no one would know the difference except the Fender Jazzmaster costs about 5 times more. I give this guitar 10/10 Ian top stuff. How about bringing out a Firebird or an Ibanez Prestige knock off Obviously these would cost more. Thanks again Ian and Molly top job.

Poorly Made Guitar

By: John on 9 March 2019
For $250 most people wouldn't really expect much from a guitar. Howver the amount of faults this guitar has is dissapointing. Just got it recently to find out that the slots for the pickups were loose, the pickguard was poorly cut in mkst areas, leaving the body behind the pickguard exposed, the pickups weren't correctly aligned with the strings, the neck feels plasticy to play, and isn't smooth to feel or do bends on, tuning pegs go out of tune after only an hour of playing, the bridge wasn't screwed on well, the tone and volume knobs make a squeak, and the included lead didnt work out of the box. Not to mention the guitar sounds awful. Very dissapointed.

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