Joyo R01 Revolution Series Tauren Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

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Joyo R01 Revolution Series Tauren Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

The Tauren pedal nails the classic emulation of a sought after low to medium gain overdrive guitar pedal at a great price. Where other classic clones have fallen short, the Tauren produces a warm transparent overdrive that adds dynamic gain to your signal without altering the tone of the guitar. This is a great pedal whether you are looking for a clean boost, transparent overdrive or a warmer more effected overdrive/distortion. This pedal definitely has the sound of a dynamic overdriven tube amp in a stompbox.

The R Series or Revolution series is the 4th generation of guitar effects from Joyo and all these pedals feature some very cool LED lighting. The lights can be toggled from a switch on the rear of the pedal. 3 adjustable modes of lighting are available.

  • 'Sync' to the footswitch - The LED ambient lighting on the front and rear of the pedal with shine bright when the footswitch is pressed, also illuminating the LED effect indicator on the top of the pedal.
  • 'Always' - The lights are always on, but the pedal is only activated when you press the footswitch and the LED effect indicator comes on.
  • 'Off' - The lights are off, the LED effect indicator comes on when you stomp on it and activate the pedal.

The Tech Features:

Brand: Joyo

Model: R01 Tauren

Input Impedance: 1M Ohms

Output Impedance: 560 Ohms

Controls: Volume, Gain, Tone

Rated Current: 25mA

Power Requirement: 9v DC Centre Negative Power Supply (Not Included)


Great Pedal

By: Paul Charsley on 10 April 2020
This is a great Overdrive pedal, lots of boost while maintaining tone without excessive break up. Great on low amp volume and awesome if you can drive your amp louder.

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