Joyo JF329 IronLoop Guitar Looper Pedal

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About This JOYO JF-329 IronLoop Looper Pedal

The JOYO JF - 329 Iron Loop is possibly the smallest Looper on the market today. But dont let its small stature fool you; it is easily one of the best loopers available by comparison on price and feature set. It comes with all the standard features that other mini loopers have. You can record, overdub and undo & redo your recordings with the Iron Loop, from a few seconds to 20 mins, unlimited layering will keep you noodling for hours! 

What sets the Iron Loop apart from its competitors is the display screen. Once a loop has been recorded a ring of LEDs light up and shows you the length of the loop you have recorded. It then counts down to the beginning of your loop again. This makes it extremely easy to see where you are up to in the loop, making it great when you are overdubbing and arent 100% sure where youre up to. One glance down and you know immediately how long you have left thanks to the circle of LEDs. This is a great help to everyone from looping pros to people just learning how to use a looper or people who are still mastering their timing.

The Level control lets you determine how loud the loop is that has been recorded. It wont have any effect on the volume of your guitar, just what has already been recorded on it so you can choose to have your loop louder than your guitar, quieter than your guitar or the same volume. If you want to lay down a rhythm track & practice your solos over it then set the Looper slightly quieter than youre guitar. If you want to practice a secondary/harmonised part then set the looper at the same level as your guitar so you can hear them both equally. If you need to practice a tricky rhythm part or an awkwardly timed solo where you need to hear the rhythm really well for context then set the looper slightly louder than your guitar.

The Iron Loop, like virtually every other Joyo pedal, is true bypass. This means that your all important tone that you worked hard to create isnt going to be spoilt by the Iron Loop. It keeps it perfectly intact and as its a looper that lets you capture it for you to hear time and again in an ultra high quality 44.1 KHz/16bit sample rate making it a brilliantly clear and unaltered recording of your riffs, licks & tones!

With a maximum recording time of 20 minutes youll never be short of time to record. Add unlimited overdubs into the mix and youll be playing for hours. A looper pedal really is one of the best practice tools a guitarist could ask for. Make scale practice more interesting by putting your own rhythm track down first then play away. Use it to help you learn harmony parts to chord progressions or solos. Put down your own walking bass line before coming in with chord work over the top of it and eventually a solo. The possibilities are nearly endless, try one and youll have to have it!

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Joyo

Model:- JF329

Knobs:- Level

Recording Time:- 20 minutes at uncompressed 16 bit, 44.1kHz audio

Colour:- Red


joyo ironloop

By: Max on 6 August 2020
Just got this, it is replacing another looper with way too many functions and buttons. It is great, reliable and simple, and a long recording time.


By: Grib on 15 April 2020
First time pedal head.. nice to use with my classical and oyster external pick-up. Use with mic and bongos/maracas also. Good entertainment for me in the privacy of my lounge with a 10 watt laney amp

Loop da Loop Joyo does it again !

By: Kim on 7 March 2019
Great little looper, solid and good fidelity! AG processing and delivery system brilliant as usual.

joyo jf329 ironloop guitar looper pedal

By: jonathan dear on 15 October 2018
Got this pedal delivered last week (very quickly) and have been having great fun doing overdubs etc.Ive never had a looper before this one so i cant compare it to anything but its easy to use after the initial working out .Timing the loops with the pedal is the biggest problem i have but that is just a matter of practice.I would say it was a good purchase for my development with issues such as timing(it makes me use a metronome a lot more!) .A lot of fun


By: Nolen Oayda on 8 June 2018
I bought this for my 11 year old daughter - first thing she did was rave about how cute it looked and the best thing was that within minutes she had figured out how to use it and was loving having her own looper -considering big sister is not a fan of sharing her looper :)

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