Artist UKB1 Soprano Ukulele Student Grade Natural

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Artist UKB1 Soprano Ukulele Student Grade Natural

This soprano sized ukulele is a quality build, but with an economy price.  It features a Sapelle ply body and neck with an eco-rosewood fretboard and bridge.  The die cast machine heads will make it easy for you to tune and stay in tune! 

Includes a gig bag.

The Tech Features

Brand :- Artist

Model :- UKB1

Size :- Soprano

Woods :- Sapelle

Bridge :- Eco-rosewood, Plastic Saddle

Neck :- Sapelle Ply, Eco-rosewood fretboard, plastic nut, 13 3/4 Inch Scale Length

Machine Heads :- Die cast, Chrome plated.

Strings :- Aquilla 103u

Colour :- Natural



By: Heath Clark on 14 September 2020
the ukulele is a little smaller than i thought it would be but it has great build and feel to it and sounds great i'm only learning and only know a few chords and a couple of songs but it is so much fun walking around the house with it annoying my dog, son and wife, it'll be great to take on camping trips too when i don't have the space to fit a full size guitar in.

Excellent Value!!

By: Heath James Spicer on 21 April 2020
This Ukulele sounds and plays better than many others that cost 3 or 4 times as much.

Artist UKB1 Soprano Ukulele Student Grade Natural

By: Tracy McConnell on 31 January 2019
I bought this Ukulele for my daughter as she is interested in music and already owns a guitar. We love this instrument and recommend to anyone she uses it all the time could not be happier. Thank you

Artist UKB1 Soprano Ukulele

By: Gavin Lackey on 16 January 2019
Easy to order, pretty quick delivery and I'm enjoying learning this

Reflections three months later...

By: Beaux on 4 January 2019
A soprano ukulele is meant to project a 'twangy' sound when strummed with less expansive resonance ('ringing sound') than a concert or tenor ukulele - I think that the Artist UKB1 Soprano Ukulele meets that definition and is therefore a solid choice for a student, adult beginner or a more experienced player looking for a travel ukulele. It does 'ring' when fingerpicked and offers a pleasing sound. I own two different Artist ukulele models and both have arrived properly set-up: no buzzes or rattles, level frets, proper string heights and no sharp fret edges. I gave the fretboard a good drink with Dunlop 65 lemon oil on arrival which restored the lustre. E7 chord sounds like an E7 chord should. G Major sounds like a G Major should. D Minor 7 sounds like a D Minor 7 should. I can't say that has been my experience with other 'entry-level' ukuleles costing double the price. Overall, it is a well put together ukulele and one that I would happily gift to a friend. Artist Guitars are also fantastic at resolving any identified issues - excellent customer service. Great stuff Artist Guitars! Keep up the great work!

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