Artist TG100EQ Solid Top Tenor Acoustic Guitar w/ Fishman Presys II

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Artist TG100EQ Solid Top Tenor Acoustic Guitar w/ Fishman Presys II

The TG100EQ tenor guitar is a fantastic example of an instrument from a bygone era. First appearing in the mid-1920s the tenor guitar, with its unique four string construction was designed with the banjo player in mind. Like the parlor guitar it has seen a resurgence in popularity in more recent times and offers an interesting alternative for musicians looking for something different in their sound. Great when tuned in traditional tenor banjo tuning - CGDA, the guitar also offers great effect if you are willing to experiment with open tunings.

The top is constructed of solid sitka spruce while the back and sides are laminated mahogany and the finish is matte. While many tenor guitars are smaller bodied instruments, the TG100EQ has been designed with a larger body and it fits nicely into our CC300 classical guitar case. When you combine this slightly larger sized body with the quality timbers used you are guaranteed to get a guitar that projects a well rounded acoustic tone.

The addition of the Fishman Presys II acoustic pre-amp offers a great option when the instrument is plugged into an amplifier. 

If you are looking for that special sound TG100EQ could definitely be the guitar for you!


The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: TG100EQ

Top: Solid Sitka Spruce

Back and Sides: Laminated Mahogany

Binding: Maple

Neck: Maple

Fret Board: Eco-Rosewood

Scale Length: 22 3/4" 

Truss RodDual action

Nut: Bone

Nut Width: 1 5/16" (33mm)

Saddle: Bone

Machine Heads: Diecast, 14:1 ratio

Pickup system: Fishman Presys II

Pick Guard: Tortoise Shell

Included Accessories: Gig Bag, 2 picks

Colour: Natural

Finish: Matte

Optional Hard Case to fit this Guitar: CC300​



Sweet little rock and roller

By: David Horkan on 1 August 2019
I have been playing my little guitar for a couple of weeks now and am happy with it. It is a pretty thing, light and easy to handle. Tone and intonation are fine. The action is reasonably low so a light touch is enough and the fretboard is easy to move around on. She holds her tune well, and was very playable straight from the box. Tune her and go. The carrying bag and strap are a bonus, and if you want to amplify it the built in thingy will be useful. Mandolin family, fiddle, or tenor banjo players will be at home immediately and guitar players will have fun experimenting with tuning in fifths and maybe with the open tunings to which it is particularly suited.. There are not that many tenor guitars around. You could pay a lot more and be no better off. Furthermore you are buying from an Aussie company who answer their phones and in my experience the Artist after-sales service is second to none. If you want something a little different don’t just think about it. Buy one today!

Move over ukuleles!

By: William on 4 July 2019
Until recently I played ukuleles. A mate and I decided to experiment and bought tenor guitars which we re-tuned DGBE as per Baritone ukuleles. The chord shapes are the same so we didn't have to relearn our entire arsenal. We can still play with other uke'sters but with a better sound. I have found this particular instrument to be just brilliant. The quality of finish, and the sound and just the ease of playing straight out of the box is commendable. I would fully recommend Artist for any stringed instrument. Totally chuffed.


By: Stephen on 29 May 2019
I have been playing my new tenor for 10 days now and am stunned by the quality and the sweet sweet tone. It has a perfect tone all the way down the neck and the action is low and easy to fret, the only criticism I can find is that Artist undersell what a great guitar this is!!! I would have bought it 3 weeks earlier, while it was still on sale, f I had known how sweet it is! Next is the jumbo acoustic! The big US guitar companies should be scared!

Just the thing for something different!

By: Rob McCarthy on 8 March 2019
I received one of these a couple of years back from Artist. My 1st purchase from them and then bought several more instruments from them since. All good! I put heavier strings on my Tenor and tuned it GDAE ('Irish tuning') Basically an octave below the fiddle. It was perfect for paying Irish jigs and reels in a melodic style and could use the fiddle and mandolin TABs off the internet. It sounded just right. Tenors have been mostly tuned higher C G D A and are good for jazz chords or you can just tune it to 'Chicago tuning' DGBE ie the top 4 strings of a standard guitar or a baritone uke and use chords you may already know This Artist tenor guitar is a lot of fun and just the thing for some one who wants something a bit different.

Tenor guitar

By: Cliff on 5 December 2018
Tenor guitar and hard case arrived yesterday. Was posted Friday and arrived Tuesday. Couldn't be happier with it. Now just have to learn to play it properly. Fantastic service as always.

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