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Artist REC350FV Electric Flying V / Explorer Guitar Case - Rectangular

Artist REC350FV Electric Flying V / Explorer Guitar Case - Rectangular

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Artist REC350FV Electric Flying V / Explorer Guitar Case - Rectangular

Protect your Electric Guitar From Damage with this Hard Case

NOTE: Please read its dimension and compare to your guitar: If unsure, please feel free to ask us.

Fits some traditional shaped Flying V's models, Explorers and Ibanez Destroyers, and many other large guitars. This will also fit BC Rich Bich, BC Rich Virgo and BC Rich Warlock

This case is not a form fit case, and this means the inside bay is a rectangle, so it may or may not fit B.C. Rich guitars or the - its important to send us the dimensions of all the points and angles.

  • This case is will not fit Jackson Rhoads, Jackson Kelly, KVMG or Concord shaped Flying V's or Dean ML's (the guitar that Dimebag Darrell used to play and made famous)

This Rectangular Hard Case will fit a Electric Flying V (various types pointy or traditional), Explorers(and similar), and will keep it safe and sound, It has sturdy wooden construction with a lockable Latch (the key is inside the case). 

Rectangular Flying V Guitar Case, Black Vinyl, Black Plush interior, Plastic Handle, Gold Hardware, Black Binding & Black Stitching.


The Tech Features

Colour :- Black

Internal Dimensions :-

Overall Length:- 120cm 

Overall Width:- 46cm

Depth(with lid open):- 9cm

Body Compartment:- 56.5cm(length) x 9cm(deep)


Good Sturdy Case for Explorer / V shape

By: Reilly Deacey on 9 June 2020
Had tried and failed for years to source a case for my offset Explorer copy, but this was a great fit and a sturdy build.

Jack of All Trades... Master of None

By: Sachin on 16 November 2019
Just want to make clear that this hard case is by no means of bad quality or cheap material... its coffin shape fits all sizes of guitars advertised, but it's not a reassuring fit... to fit my explorer, I had to place several pieces of foam to stop the neck and body moving when carried. It's an unwieldy item, but guess it does a coffin case's job... not for me though

King v guitar case

By: Shaun on 30 October 2019
Awesome product and ver prompt delivery, will definitely order from these guys again!


By: Doc on 7 February 2019
Good quality, fits the ultracure nicely (with a bit extra padding put in), hard to find something that fits these beasts

Product review

By: Zane on 12 December 2018
This is a great product and it arrived at my home on time.

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