How to Stretch your strings and keep your guitar in tune

Author: Lachlan Bush   Date Posted:21 October 2020 

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How to stretch the strings on your guitar to help it stay in tune!

Check Out our YouTube video on how to stretch your strings
stretching your strings is one of the easiest ways to help your guitar stay in tune. We have created a short video showing you how to do it.The reason you need to stretch your strings is that you need to take out all of the slack from the system.


Check out our videos to help you keep your guitar in tune!




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camera postion

13 October 2017
Film the guitar!

No video available in this page

19 October 2016
There is no video in this page. Can you please provide alternate source?

camera position

13 March 2014
would be more helpful if the camera was on the guitar

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