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Artist JMH200IR Solid Top Acoustic-Electric w/ Impulse Response 

The JMH200IR has a Solid Mahogany Top with laminated Mahogany back and sides. This is a full-sized, 41” guitar with a high neck access cut-away, for easy, comfortable playing.

Mahogany provides a very resonant tone that sustains beautifully, with a very balanced tone. The JMH200CEQ produces full, warm tones from the mahogany body, with a harmonious mid-range and clear upper mids. The beveled edges of the body make this a very comfortable guitar to play seated or standing, and give it a very eye-catching look too. The rounded edge also accents the fabulous grain of the top wood against the white body binding, which really makes this guitar very elegant and attractive.

As with all of our solid-top instruments the JMH200IR includes real bone nut for optimum tonal transfer. The hardness of the bone gives the string a solid basis to vibrate against and ensures the best possible transfer of vibration, as does the solid Laurel bridge housing the saddle. The Okumen neck is comfortable with a gloss finish, and the rounded machine heads, solid Laurel fingerboard and high-quality frets make this a player's instrument. 

The JMH200IR also features the GGP-04 Preamp by Guitto, with inbuilt IR and effects! This wonderful preamp sounds great and offers Impulse Response technology to simulate various acoustic guitar tones.

What’s an Impulse Response?

IRs analyse thousands of recorded samples to accurately dissect and emulate the tones of other instruments, using a dynamic and reactive algorithm that responds to crucial elements such as pick attack and volume. This means you can switch between exact models of a Dreadnought, Auditorium, Parlour, and more, all at the touch of a button! Plus, you can download and customise other IR files to your own specifications, giving you total control over what the JMH200IR can sound like! The GGP-04 allows for 5 loaded IRs at any one time, and you can change these using the free downloadable software from Guitto.

With an inbuilt USB port, you can easily connect to any computer, and ensure you’re always charged and ready to go – without having to worry about a 9V battery! 

The GGP-04 also features an inbuilt speaker inside the body, with integrated Chorus, Delay and Reverb effects that each can be controlled whilst playing acoustically! This is no gimmick, with such a powerful preamp and a speaker mounted against the soundboard, the effects sound fantastic and the range of tones that are available truly needs to be heard to be believed!

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: JMH200IR

Body Size: Full size

Overall Length: 41"

Finish: Natural Gloss


  • Top - Solid Mahogany
  • Back and Sides - Laminated Mahogany with White Binding
  • Fingerboard & Bridge - Laurel

Neck: 3 pieces Okoumen, 2-way Truss Rod, 20 Frets, 42mm Bone Nut

Neck Thickness: 20mm--21mm

Scale Length: 25.5”

Fretboard Radius: 400mm / 1534

Fretboard Markers: 3mm White Shell “Dot” markers

Strings: D'Addario EXP16

Preamp: Guitto GGP04

  • Built-in Speaker with onboard Reverb, Chorus, and Delay Effects

  • 5x Loadable IRs 

  • Inbuilt Tuner with Colour LCD Display

  • Easy USB Charging

Optional Hardcase: FC350

Optional Gig Bags: Bag42, HGBag42


This product contains a lithium battery.
Orders containing lithium batteries cannot ship via Express or Airfreight.

Reviews (6)

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By: on 17 May 2024
The JMH200IR electric accoustic guitar is my first electric piece. I researched for a while and couldn't go past this guitar for value and looks. Packed with features to use which sound great but also sounds really good raw. The shape and feel of the neck makes it easy to play for long periods. It holds it's tune which is a treat. I couldn't be happy with this quality piece. I can't find any better value out there. Happy

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Creative Feature with the Artist JMH200IR Impulse

By: on 1 April 2024
Looks, feels and sounds amazingly good. I have enjoyed playing and experimenting with all the additional combinations built in to the electronics. Great value for the cost. Looking forward to many hours of playing and sharing with my friends.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your review! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.


By: on 30 January 2024
This is a beautifully crafted instrument , the timbers, hardware and finish are stunning . The action is very light for heavy handed novice like me serving to make me lift my game . The inbuilt electronics are fascinating as well. I am more than satisfied with the service and prompt delivery. thank you all at Artist Guitars.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Jmh200 ir.

By: on 19 July 2023
My skills. Play mainly slide resonators. Intermediate on guitar strumming etc. therefore this review will suit beginners etc. I have purchsed an artist tc59 and tl69 Telecasters previously, both outstanding quality so it was a easy decision to buy a JMH 200 ir acoustic. For me it has improved my finger picking and strumming with the built in technology helping me with timing etc. This guitar is crisp, once you pop on the bling tech ... it’s awesome. Takes away an amp. The built in tuner is easy to use. The bling tech system is simple to work through and charging it is no drama either. My mate who is a retired musician and session recording muse has played this guitar. Does not smile much but was grinning whilst playing and wow , what a sound. Bottom line. Get one... these guitars are quality and sound incredible.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for your kind words and review. We truly appreciate it.

Incredible value

By: on 5 July 2023
I originally bought one of these several months ago and was blown away by the crisp rich sound and the integrated FX, which is something that really needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. I recently demoed mine for a family member that has been an unwavering Maton addict her whole life, and she was equally impressed by the sound and beautiful finish of this guitar. I just bought her one, and it is the greatest gift I have ever given.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!


By: on 8 October 2022
This appears to be a very similar make to the JMH200CEQ which has a lot of reviews and a video you might find useful if you are considering purchasing this guitar. In summary, this guitar is amazing value for money, acoustically precise with no discernable tonal issues, very comfortable to play and on top of that it has a very powerful built in DSP. The cast machine heads are all curves with no hard lines thus complementing the overall look of the guitar with its chamfered body edges. The tuners are very smooth to turn and feel so right between my fingers. They are very stable and make tuning a breeze. The neck and fretboard feel just right for my big left hand and my thumb slides up and down the back effortlessly without drag yet grips when I want it. Sustain is fantastic for this price point, the body and neck resonate beautifully with great fidelity and I'm sure it can only improve with age. The chamfered edge on the body is very comfortable against my chest - I was surprised by how much, particularly when strumming. The top is made from two very well matched boards, it is hard to see the joint, almost invisible. The finish is perfect. I presume the body's polyurethane coated - it looks very thick and is quite hard. I couldn't find any dints, scratches, bubbles, trapped dust, nada. The smell of the wood is rich and gorgeous. The GGP-04 is a very capable piece of electronics and is a wonderful enhancement of this already wonderful guitar. Reproduction is very accurate and noise free. The speaker is amazingly powerful for its size and can cause feedback at higher volume. It has an onboard mic that can be mixed into the wet with the bridge piezo. The GGP-04's tuner is the best I've ever used - a simple needle gauge and note that changes colour on tune. It's loaded with 2 Auditorium and 3 Dreadnought IR settings - no Parlour. I also own an Artist LSPFXNT which is fitted with a Guitto GGP-02, a similar pickup/preamp with body speaker that is less capable or versatile compared to the GGP-04. In two respects it is, however, streets ahead of the GGP-04. The GGP-02 has a removable rechargeable battery and I can easily replace an expired battery with a charged battery in less than 30 seconds - I have to remove the strings to replace the GGP-04's battery. The manufacturer's intent is that the battery be recharged through the USB port of course, but I can't use the guitar while that's happening. Guitto cite 10 hours of use per charge but that's not with the speaker on. I guesstimate somewhere between one and two hours when using the speaker, mostly depending on amplification setting (how hard the guitar is played will also impact I suspect). Nonetheless I have to complement Guitto for using high capacity rechargeable batteries because I am so sick of throwing out spent 9V chemical batteries - it just makes me feel bad. The Guitto documentation for the GGP-02 is way better than the GGP-04's, which is not difficult because the GGP-04's is entirely inadequate. The GGP-02 has a high quality colour printed user manual - the GGP-04 has nothing, not even a B&W brag sheet. The GGP-02 has a demo video, the GGP-04 has a demo video but you won't find it on Guitto's web page - you'll have to go to YouTube and search for GGP-04 to find it. The GGP-02's web page includes feature list, parts list and photos of individual components. The GGP-04's web page has a half a dozen fairly repetitive photos (showing only 2 of the 6 UI pages), some brag text and the IR file spec - it doesn't even mention, (let alone link to) , the software, (PC & Mac), that Guitto publish elsewhere for uploading IR files. I am very disappointed by the way Guitto are shooting themselves in the foot with this one, it's poor support for a very exciting piece of kit. Quite unusual for a Joyo product in my experience.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your detailed review! This is really helpful for our customers. We are always here if you need further assistance. Cheers!

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