Joyo Wah II Multifunction Wah/Volume Pedal with Q Control

Joyo Wah II Multifunction Wah/Volume Pedal with Q Control

The Joyo Multifunction Wah is a 2-in-1 Wah and Volume pedal and features a Q Control to control the pedal's center frequency. The pedal is really easy to use. You can simply press the toe side down to activate the pedal and get a crybaby like tone.

It features two switchable modes to choose whether you want a regular bypass signal when the wah is off or if you want the pedal to act as a volume pedal. It also has a volume slider to control how much volume cut you want in volume mode.

The pedal features RM shielding and  a green LED when it is active. Due to its metal housing, this small wah feels solid and stays in place. With a dimension of 16cm x 6cm you can expect this pedal to be a space saver and should not take up much space on any pedal board.

Tech Features:

Brand:- Joyo

Model:- Wah II

Modes:- Wah/Bypass ; Wah/Volume

Input:- 1/4 inch Mono

Output:- 1/4 inch Mono

Input Impedance:- 2.2M Ohms

Output Impedance:- 100 Ohms

Rated Current:- 18mA

Power Requirement:- 9v DC Centre Negative Power Supply (Not Included)


Works a treat

By: Ben on 4 May 2020
Ive not used a wah pedal before and I'm a fairly inexperienced guitarist so my review may not hold much sway. However, i love this pedal. Its fun to use, seems to be built quite solidly and produces the sort of sounds i expected.. Have enjoyed trying to plat Cream and Hendrix

Amazing pedal for the price

By: Brian on 5 March 2020
Better Wah sounds than my (admittedly very old) Jim Dunlop with the flexibility of a volume function as well - great value all round

Joyo Wah Pedal

By: John Dowdall on 28 February 2020
Sounds pretty good. Takes a while to get used to (size, frequency range) but is easy to operate. Both Wah and Volume functions work well. Excellent quality and value. Super fast shipping.

Absolute JOYO

By: Stuart on 31 July 2019
Bloody outstanding pedal !!! Spent WAY TOO MUCH on a certain well known brand product that for my mind, is inferior to this! Only fault is the switch from wha to volume does not allow for a right angle plug

Joyo wah 2

By: Mal on 28 June 2019
My first wah purchased as always just borrowed friends of various quality and brands for short periods of time. It's my 6th Joyo pedal and am sold on the brand so far. This pedal is no exception. No crackles or pops in use and responsive all the same. Good heavy construction and I honestly expected it to be bigger in size but greatly surprised how neat and compact it is. The Q control is basically 6 settings that slightly adjust the parameters and works well to give you variable options. Totally happy with it and again with Joyo they simply do what it will say it does. Cheers

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