John Holland

Artist Guitars



John Holland is a 56 year old musician and guitar teacher based in Sydney.

Born In Wagga, John grew up moving around pretty much everywhere and refined his interest for music as the years went by.

After his Art degree with film history major, John led a musician’s life going from gig to gig and spreading his knowledge as a teacher for about 34 years. Throughout these last three decades he has given 200.000+ lessons and some of his students have become either famous (boy and bear) or professional musician in different levels of the industry. John believes that his love for music just came naturally. It felt like some sort of calling: « It’s what I’ve always done ».


In July 2017, John entered the Artist Guitars as the Sales Manager and Education Consultant. He is usually the face you’ll see if you come and visit our showroom in St Peters or if you check out our online video classes.
And through years of passion, John has also collected a lot of guitars. If you get a chance to enter his house/personal studio you might get to see some of his 60 guitars in their dedicated room. Numerous strats and tele, plus some very special pieces like a 1870s parlor guitar.


When we asked John what he liked about his stay with us at Artist Guitars, he said: « Working here allows me to use all of my experience in a positive environment. It’s great to have a say in the making of better products and given the customer the best experience possible. I also love that everyone on the team here has a creative edge »