Allan Kumpulainen



Allan’s musical journey begins in Tasmania when as a 10 year old he took up playing drums. While he dabbled in guitar and bass it was the percussive possibilities of the drums that really struck a chord with him. It has certainly proven to be an inspired choice with the varied musical path that Allan has enjoyed since those tentative first steps at the age of 10.

Allan arrived in Sydney on a 6 month holiday as a fresh faced 18 year old. By the early 2000’s Allan was well entrenched in the Sydney music scene and now busies himself by playing in Indie/Rock band, Dappled Cities, as well as playing regular sessions in the studio and around Sydney. Career highlights have included playing club and festival shows around the country and internationally. The band has also earned two Aria nominations (2009 and 2013).

Allan’s take on working for Artist Guitars provides a useful insight into the Artist culture, “It really is a great place to work, great people and a fantastic company culture. We all have an input in what goes on around here and everyone is left to do what they need to do and more importantly trusted to do what needs to be done. I think that is an important reason why people keep coming back to us.”