Xvive V17 Green Singing AutoWah Guitar Pedal

Watch a Demo Video.....

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About this Autowah pedal

This AutoWah pedal is ideal for creating slow and fast staccato effects and funky Wah tones.  Useful for guitar and bass.

These small XVIVE pedals are all DC powered only, NOT Battery.

The Tech Features

  • Double peak envelope sweep filter 
  • Great for guitar or bass
  • Staccato function is ideal for fast picking, funk bass and tight rhythm guitar
  • Quick auto-reset envelope for even rapid fire playing
  • Innovative circuit for an incredibly responsive envelope performance
  • Slow/Fast (Staccato) toggle switch
  • Sensitivity/Sustain/Depth control
  • Excellent dynamic response
  • Simple, easy to use design
  • 100% Analog design with True Bypass circuitry
  • Effects on indicator light
  • Original XVIVE tone
  • Micro pedal package very small and compact
  • Durable all-metal housing

Connectors:  Input jack, Output jack
Power: 9V DC, center (-), 10mA
Dimensions: 46 mm (W) x 94 mm (D) x 50 mm (H)


Very fun little pedal

By: Ross on 3 August 2016
Heaps of fun. very much like the video. Great for someone wanting a little wah effect without the hassle of learning and using a traditional wah pedal. Once setup for you guitar and style it has a fantastic wah sound that boosts output perfectly when it comes on. Had loads of fun getting it to peak with pinch harmonics while playing hard rock/metal style. Is great for a bit of flavour and volume on lead sections. Also works well with a bass, get a subtle enveloped sound or the full one quacky popping. Really fun pedal, A nice step between no wah and spending loads on a "proper" wah.
By: sales@artistguitars.com.au

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