Xvive S003 Coloured Guitar Strap 3 Pack

This is a 3 pack of multi-coloured economy grade guitar strap for people with a colourful taste.


  • 1 x Grey
  • 1 x Red
  • 1 x Blue


The Tech Features

Model: S003-3Pk

‚ÄčColour: Multi Colours



Strappy goodness

By: McFuzzlebutt on 28 August 2019
Soft, comfortable, firm hold of my guitar and not too shabby to look at either. I'm happy with these


By: Russ McKenna on 9 May 2019
These straps offer fantastic value-for-money and are well-made. Perhaps the design and decoration are not to your liking or not individual enough, but for everyday work horses, they can't be beat.

Funky Guitar Straps a hit

By: Nancy Nicholson on 25 August 2017
We have recently started up an all girls Rock Band at our school and these coloured guitar straps are perfect for our rock-chicks. Excellent value for money.

straps that work... Xvive 3 pack

By: paul coleman on 11 May 2017
Have been looking for a strong , functional gigging strap for a ver long time. With these Xvive guitar straps i feel my prayers have been answered. My dear ex wife had a leather strap made for me with my name on it (cringe) from a very popular company.... It was very expensive and looked very pretty however its function was zero. So annoying, getting caught between a sweaty shirt with any minor movement. Strap button holes were over done and really difficult to use or put strap locks on So i thought id give the Xvive 3 pack a go as i have used the companys various products and thought highly of them. These straps are perfect. .... Yep.... big call but i stand by it after numerous rehearsals and a couple of gigs... Movement, even when sweating, is smooth and fluid and allows you to feel a little closet to the guitar. The srap holes are the perfect size for t style or LP style guitats and locks fit snugly as well. Plastic buckles are sturdy and the actual material of the straps resembles an aircraft seat belt yet it is cut and coloured to get my big thumbs up wrap. Price is ridiculously cheap and once again quality is high with this mob. Ive put my expensive leather strap away for home use and im comfortable to say these straps are the find of 2017 for me So comfortable and functional im well chuffed. ..... 5 stars

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