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Viva MTP12 Passive Magnetic Acoustic Guitar Sound Hole Pickup
Viva MTP12 Passive Magnetic Acoustic Guitar Sound Hole Pickup

About this Viva MTP-12 Passive Magnetic Acoustic Guitar Sound Hole Pickup

Passive magnetic sound hole pickup for acoustic guitar.

High-quality neodymium magnet to give you a warm and full sound.

Features stacked coils to help eliminate noise.

High impedance and batteries not needed.

With end pin jack. 

Available for sound hole sizes from 98.5-101.5mm.

Easy to Install. Package includes manual.

The Tech Features:

Brand:- VIVA

Model:- MTP12

Colour:- Black



Bought another one.

By: Stuart McKleaine on 2 August 2019
I must admit I'm pretty new to amplified acoustics. Had plenty of electrics and thought why not try these pickups on my acoustics. They work fine. For $29 on special I reckon that you will be pretty hard pressed to beat them. You can either have the output jack go where the strap pin fits to the body by drilling a hole to suit, or mount them on the pin using a leather attachment device provided. Took me a while to figure that. Sorry. I'm a bit slow sometimes. Anyhow the bottom line is I love it.

Ok on special.

By: Stuart McKleaine on 31 May 2019
I must have missed that there was a single coil and a humbucking version. Anyway I ended up with the humbucking version. It works. It doesn't seem terribly powerful, but for $29 I'm not really complaining. The instructions were self explanatory, although I did use double sided tape to afix the outside jack holder to the outside of the guitar. I couldn't bring myself to drill holes in my guitar. The only other issue wasn't Artist's fault in that my package was sent somewhere other than it should have been to start with. All good now though.

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