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Swiff Audio WS50 Blackwing 50 UHF Wireless System

Say goodbye to the clutter of wires and cables with the new Blackwing 50! The newest wireless sytem to come out into the market.

The Blackwing 50 can be used with any instrument which has a 6.35mm jack input. Boasting a working distance of up to 50 meters and utilizing UHF technology. You can expect that the signal for the wireless system will work through walls. It also features a strong anti interference system ensuring smooth usage in any circumstance. Despite the long range, you can expect minimal latency which is at less than 2 millisecond.

Multiple insturments?! No need to worry as multiple units can be used at the same time without having to worry about each unit interfering with each other. It utilizes 100 channels which can be utilized by each unit in close proximity of each other.

It has a built in USB rechargeable Lithium battery which can last up to 6 hours and needs a charging time of up to 2 hours(5v1A)

The Tech Features

Brand: Swiff Audio

Model: WS50

Dynamic Range: >=90dB

Channel: 100 channels

Signal to Noise Ratio: >=85dB

Latency: <=2ms

Transmission Distance: 50m

Frequency Range: 500-527Mhz

Working Hours: 5 hours

Charging Time: 2 hours (5v 1A)


This product contains a lithium battery.
Orders containing lithium batteries cannot ship via Express or Airfreight.

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Swiff ws-50 wireless uhf bug

By: on 27 August 2021
I utilize my swiff audio Blackwing ws-50 with my non preamped electric 5string violin, (NS WAV-5). NO PROBLEMS, IMMEDIATE BUG-TO-BUG UHF CONNECTION, ALWAYS, INSTANTLY, EVERY TIME. Lasts atleast 4hrs playtime after 6 months use, This is my go-to bug for my many passive instruments from lap steel to bass guitar no problems or obvious tone loss. I used once with active bass guitar seemed to work at a preset volume. A uhf bug that works Everytime what's not to like. ..for a $60-ish backup in the least.

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Swiff Blackwing WS 50

By: on 26 December 2019
purchased this product as a christmas present and was disappointed with the noise of this unit. l have a Fender Strat with noiseless pickups and a Marshall valve amp and when l connected the Swiff ws50 l noticed a change in my tone it was very brightl sounding then l hit my overdrive pedal and got this fuzzy wushing sound which was very distracting.l tried a different guitar same result. Tried a different amp and guitar same result .l will be returning this product asap l thought it sounded to good to be true but as the saying goes you get what you paid for.

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