Nux PHT2 Pro Audio Headphones Amplifier

About this Nux PHT2 Pro Audio Headphones Amplifier

PHT-2 is a versatile portable headphone preamp. It has two channels that can handle Stereo and Mono signals. Each channel has independent level control and two input jacks. You can use 4 headphones at the same time. With the LINK function, you can link many PHT-2s together.

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Nux

Model:- PHT2

Input Impedance:- 10kΩ

Output Impedance:- 10kΩ

Dynamic Range:- 96dBu

S/N Ratio:- -94dBu

Frequency Response:- 20Hz-20kHz / -1dB to 0.5dB

Headphone Output Power:- 30mW/each channel

Signal Indicator:- -10dBu

Operating Current:- 240mA

Power Supply:- 9V DC Centre Negative (Not included)

Dimension:- 12.1cm x 8.4cm x 5.5cm

Weight:- 350g


NUX PHT2 Headphone Amp.

By: Allan Carpenter on 29 March 2019
Very handy practice tool for electric guitar. Amp sound without disturbing others.

Good robust product

By: Alan on 4 January 2019
This unit is built like the proverbial tank — no cheap plastic material here, with an aluminium body that's even further protected by rubber buffers at either end. In short, you ain't gonna break it! I use it to practice guitar and bass at 6 a.m. without waking my long-suffering wife and, in that role, it does the job. As the ad says, it handles both stereo and mono (with a volume control for each channel), and you can in fact run multiple headphones off it if you need to. Sound quality, of course, is somewhat dependent on what headphones you use with it. (Incidentally, the unit handles both mini and standard headphone jacks.) If I had a minor criticism, I'd say that some basic EQ controls (say, a treble and bass dial) would be useful, although admittedly not essential ..... Overall, not a bad investment if you want to avoid disturbing the household with your amp.

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