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Nux NMP2 Latching/Momentary Dual Footswitch Pedal

Nux NMP2 Latching/Momentary Dual Footswitch Pedal

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Nux NMP2 Latching/Momentary Dual Footswitch Pedal

The Nux NMP2 combines the functions of a Latching footswitch and a momentary footswitch. Both of the unit's footswitches can be set to function as either a latching footswitch or an Open/Close momentary footswitch.

The pedal can be connected using cables with 1/4 inch jacks.

The NMP2 can be powered by a 9v DC Centre Negative power supply.

The NMP2 can be used with a Loop Core Deluxe to phrase up/down

The Tech Features:

Brand: Nux

Model: NMP2

Connection:1/4 inch Jack inputs

Power Requirement: 9v DC Centre Negative (Not Included)


Excellent product at a good price

By: on 10 September 2020
I’m something of a Boss pedal fan so, when I needed a dual footswitch, my first instinct was to get an FS-6. However, the pricing of that pedal caused me to look at this NuX model (at less than half the $$), and it’s proven a winner. It has pretty much the same basic functionality as the FS-6 — the only minor caveat being that, on the NMP-2, the settings for mode (latching/non-latching (momentary)) and polarity (open/closed) apply to BOTH switches, whereas the FS-6 more flexibly allows for them to be set independently for each switch. As against that, the NMP-2 is w-a-y more compact, and also uses external 9V power, whereas the FS6 demands a battery (which is constantly drained unless you remember to unplug the TRS cable, and that’s annoying if you have it installed on a pedalboard). ….. The NMP-2’s all-metal construction is very robust — you won’t break this one easily! I’ve used it with a NuX Loop Core pedal, and also with a Boss EQ-200 10-band EQ (for switching up and down between EQ patches.) ….. Recommended — in fact, I’ve just ordered a second one from AG.

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