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Nux NBP5 Melvin Lee Davis Signature Bass DI+Preamp Pedal

This great bass pedal was created in collaboration with American Bass Player. Melvin Lee Davis.

This pedal definitely offers a lot of "bang for your buck" providing a bass guitar preamp, DI box, impulse response (IR) loader and audio interface all in the one package!

The Nux NBP5 Bass Preamp + DI has tons of functions based on Melvin Lee Davis' musical expertise and offers great sound-shaping controls such as a 3-band EQ with middle-frequency selection, a drive section with blend control, speaker cabinet simulation (Impulse Response loader) and a built-in noise reduction with decay and threshold controls.

On the left side of the pedal, you can access the XLR output for a mixer and/or audio interface connection, and you have the option of activating the IR cabinet simulation. There is a 1/8-inch (3.5mm) auxiliary input that allows connection to audio devices and a headphone output for silent practising or monitoring (please check the USB connection). The headphone output is related to the DI out so that when you activate the DI/ IR simulation, the headphones output will also be simulated.

You can connect the pedal to your Windows / MAC computer to use the editor software and you can also load your own IR files and individually control various other settings.

Supported IR file: 48 kHz / 24-bit, 1024 Samples

The Nux NBP5 MLD Bass Preamp + DI pedal comes with 2 amplifier models, you can select and control the amps and the Noise Reduction on the software easily. There will be more amp models released . . . stay tuned!

Recording With Melvin Lee Davis Bass Preamp

You can record your bass guitar without using any audio interface. The NBP5 Bass Preamp + DI has a built-in audio streaming function so that you can connect the pedal directly to your computer with a micro B USB cable, and it is ready to play and record. This unit can be a "drive free" solution that allows you to produce music with a direct connection. You can use the headphones output for monitoring, and you will hear both your guitar and the audio from your computer.

There is no doubt that the Nux NBP5 is a great little unit that is well worth checking out! 

The Tech Features

Brand: Nux

Model: NBP5 Melvin Lee Davis Bass DI + Preamp

Controls: Volume, Blend, Drive, Bass, MIddle, Mid-Frequency, Treble

Switches: DI, Out

Additional Features: Impulse REsponse Loader, Drive with Blend Control, Built In Noise Reduction, Aux-In for Media Devices, 2 Types of Amp Simulation, USB Out

Power Requirement: 9V DC Centre Negative (Not Included)


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Good value for money

By: on 2 October 2020
I wanted a bass preamp/DI box with a good range of features, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune. With long experience of dealing with Artist Guitars, and knowing that they typically source good stuff at reasonable prices, I ended up with this NuX NBP5, and I haven’t been disappointed. Construction is very solid, and the range of controls and input/output possibilities is good, so I was able to easily configure it to do what I needed, with routing to both my amp and FOH. There are a number of amp models available (four at time of writing), with supposedly more coming. You download new ones via a firmware update (more on that below), then select the amp you want to install on the NBP5 by using the software available from the NuX site. And, just to clarify, you can have only one amp loaded at a time (i.e. you can’t change models on the fly), so you need to reconnect to your PC and grab a different model if you want to swap. Packaging is good, and I’d describe the supplied documentation as “adequate” rather than “comprehensive” — still, I imagine anyone needing such a box would probably be familiar with the buzzwords surrounding such gear. There are numerous demos/reviews of the NBP5 on Youtube, although, as with many such demos, quite a few of them are more focused on “Look-at-what-a-great-bass-player-I-am” rather than properly explaining the box itself. The one I found most useful went into all the controls and knobs and covered each very helpfully — if you bring up Youtube and search for “nux nbp5 ivanbassist”, you should find it (it’s 11:54 in length). Finally, one small word of warning if you’re using an Apple Mac to interface with your NBP5 (this comment may also apply to PC’s, I don’t know) ….. When I tried to connect the box to the Mac to update the firmware, it wasn’t recognised, and no amount of disconnecting and reconnecting made any difference. Eventually (and the documentation was no help here!), I found that you need to: (1) Open the firmware updater on the Mac; (2) Connect the NBP5 to the Mac WITHOUT connecting it to power (3) Hold down BOTH footswitches on the NBP5, while connecting its power AT THE SAME TIME ….. Hopefully, the NBP5 should now show up, and you can update its firmware with the extra amp models. Overall, I rate this box 5/5 for doing exactly what it says, at a reasonable price.