Nux B3 Snap-on Microphone Wireless System

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Nuz B3 Snap-on Microphone Wireless System

Turn any microphone into a wireless Mic!

The NUX B-3 is a solid 2.4GHz wireless snap-on microphone system designed for those who want to get rid of the cables and enjoy a wireless microphone connection without any complicated set-up. The B3 features a compact and easy 3 step setup which takes less than 30 seconds and you are good to go. 

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Nux

Model:- B3

Frequency:- 2.4 GHz ISM Band

Resolution:- 32-bit / 48KHzHi-Resolution Sound Quality 

THD+Noise:- <0.02% (1KHz@-10dbFS)

Latency:- Super low <4ms

Channels:- 6 Switchable Channels

Range:- 100 feet line of site

Dynamic Range:- 108 dB

Battery Life:- 5 Hours

Dimensions:- 107x25x26mm

Weight:- 125g

Colour:- Black

Included Accessories:- Dual USB Charging Cable, Hot Shoe Camera Mount for Receiver (So you can mount the receiver to your DSLR), XLR to 3.5mm Stereo Cable (So you can connect the Audio to your DSLR)


Nux B3 snap on xlr microphone wireless system

14 September 2020
Clicks onto standard mic ours are sm58 and sennheiser. Works great with both. If anything mic quality is better wireless! Great reception no latency, rechargeable. Another cable less on stage. Awesome product

Portable, easy and works!

By: Chris on 25 September 2019
In a world where wireless mic solutions are a cause for anxiety, both mentally and financially, the B-3 is a great solution for a performer needing a part time solution without having to change over to a full time cost. For $249, this turns your existing (dynamic) microphone into a wireless mic! With several 2.4ghz bands available to ensure you're free from interference, it's great for weddings, events and singers alike! Plug and play. It's almost too good to be true, but I've used it for a few gigs now and although there was 1 signal glitch over those hours of use, it righted itself with a reset. (which only took a few seconds between songs) If it had been zero glitches, definitely 5 stars. But for now, I'm giving a strong 4!

No cables. Fantastic!

By: Graeme on 12 December 2018
Aligned with the Nux B2 for our guitars this fantastic device removes the cables from the stage. Freedom to move about the stage and amongst the punters. Al-round a great success in technology.

Great for home use

By: M S on 22 November 2018
I already have the Nux B2 so I wanted a wireless mic set to use in the lounge without the hassle of cables. I use it with the Boss Singer Live amp. Works fine. Quality good. Can’t comment on how it would work for gigs but perfect for my needs.

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