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About this New Designed Joyo RD3 Coupe Driver

The New Designed Pedal Board/Portable Effects Case

Improving on the previous versions, the Joyo Rockdriver series presents the improved RD-3 Coupe Driver! Building on first and second generation concepts, the RD3 is a Pedal Board portable effect case that you can roll around with the extendable pull bar and smooth wheels. Easily separate the top and bottom cases to reveal a conveniently angled pedalboard! Portable and affordably priced,

The RD3 allows you to take your gear truly anywhere! A truly portable pedal case on wheels.

The Tech Features

Model: RD-3

Brand: Joyo

External dimensions: 600 x 360 x 120mm

Weight: 4.36KG

Internal dimensions: 580 X 340 X 60-90mm


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Unbelievable value and quality

By: on 15 November 2021
Just got my Joyo RD3 from artistguitars. And to think I was gonna try and make one up for myself......... At this price and great quality as well as really light weight even with pedals on board this was a game changer. Have 7 out power supply, Vol pedal, tuner and 6 full size pedals on it with a bit of room for more. This case is so light I doubt you will ever need the trolley wheels which took a few minutes to work out how to take them off but when you know it takes seconds.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Practical but...

By: on 30 March 2019
Well made and very handy for storage and transport but make sure you have the right size patch cables or it can get messy very quickly! The carpet base is solid velcro and a roll is supplied for pedals but cables have no underneath to go to. Doesn't worry me as I fiddle around with pedals too much but just an FYI. AG awesome as usual.

A product with real quality

By: on 9 June 2016
I've bought Joyo equipment from Artist Guitars before (pedals etc.), so I knew they make reasonable gear. I wanted a good, solid pedal board/case that would improve on the similarly-sized, but very basic case I was using. As advertised, the Joyo RD3 seemed like it would do the job, and I have not been disappointed. For me, there are numerous plusses:- (1) It's just fractionally larger than other typical boards — okay, only by a couple of centimetres in length and breadth, but, hey, when you're trying to cram in lots of pedals and cables and power leads etc., every centimetre counts! I have mine neatly loaded up with nine (9) pedals (including a large volume pedal), plus a power brick, but it would take 12 standard-sized pedals, I reckon. (2) It's built like a tank — solid aluminium-reinforced frame, with sturdy locks (keys provided). Inside, the base is "carpeted" (ready for attaching your pedals via Velcro if you want to), and the top is well cushioned with foam to hold the pedals securely in transit (3) It has wheels, with an extendable handle (just like a travel suitcase) — not a biggie for me, as the weight of a pedal case seems light when you're used to lugging heavy amps :-), but still an advantage when you're carrying lots of gear into a venue. The wheel/handle assembly easily clips off in a couple of seconds, leaving the case ready to go. (4) The case is angled slightly backwards towards you when you're playing — again, not a huge advantage but, for me, better than one that just lies flat on the floor. (5) The case itself is slightly raised above the floor — about 5 cm at the front, tapering to around 2 cm closest to the player. I initially wondered what use that might have, but discovered that it's really handy when you're trying to squeeze into a limited floor space on stage, and you need to have music stands / mike stands / instrument stands etc. clustered around your board — the legs of said stands can extend partially UNDER your pedalboard, making your on-stage footprint just that little bit more compact (Yeah, okay, I play in small venues! :-) (6) One other plus that AG fails to mention in the advertising blurb is that the unit comes with a huge roll of Velcro "hook" tape that you can use to affix your pedals to the base if you wish — there's more than enough tape to do dozens of pedals. ....... As I've noted in my numerous other reviews on this site, I've purchased from AG a lot of times (40+), but I'd rate this one of my best buys. Sure, it's not dirt cheap (although I checked, and AG had the best price I could find on the web anyway), but you get what you pay for in this case. In short, a very good product.

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