Joyo JP04 Isolated Power Supply Brick 9V DC

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About this Joyo JP04 Isolated Power Supply

Have you ever found the strange noises jumping out of nowhere when using several pedals together? The biggest reason that produces such annoying sound is that pedals are connected in a parallel mode. With such parallel connection each pedal forms a ground loop, which brings the noises from other magnetic field into the signal path and all the other pedals are interfered and become unstable. To solve this problem, all need to do is to get rid of the ground loop and make sure each pedal work in an independent route and most importantly choose a power supply with real independent output free from ground loop troubles.

Well, here is JOYO JP-04 right made for you!

JOYO JP-04 is an isolated power supply available for guitar pedals. It uses a high quality R transformer. It has eight 9V outputs with independent power cable and ground wire, each output is completely isolated, short-circuits and over current protected, highly filtered and regulated, This ensures reliable power, free of hum and noise, just clean and transparent sound.


The Tech Specs

Model:- JP04

Brand:- Joyo

‚ÄčInput:- Standard IEC 110-240V

Outputs:- Isolated Centre Negative DC 9V:

  • 5x 100mA
  • 2x 250mA
  • 1x 100mA Switchable 12/18V Output

Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 5.5cm

Features:- Isolated Short Circuit Protection, Total 10A Current

Included Accessories:- DC Cables, Reverse Polarity Cable


The joy of a joyo

By: Roger on 3 July 2019
I only recently started down the rocky road of pedals... first came the looper and a cheap single adapter but then I got a gt1 to practice more... but the interference and having to alternate between which unit I was using became too much (not to mention the noisy signal interference from the cheap plug)... so I got a joyo power supply 4. Now I can run both pedals together and enjoy not hearing the electrical interference. The only problem is that I now have the capacity for more pedals... hmmm, which one next?

Great unit

By: Boyd on 22 May 2019
I've been using this for 18months now, I use this with my board to practice at home and perform at least 2 times a month sometimes more. Never had a problem, even with my EHX pedals that seem to not like non OEM PSU. Only complaint is it's heavier than some comparable units. Other than that, this will serve you well.

Quiet at last

By: Kdp on 30 March 2019
Makes pedalboard life much easiier and quieter ! Built like a brick. AC well oiled machine.

Good little unit

By: Darryl Seidel on 6 August 2018
I got this unit because of the isolated outputs. It is a little bigger in physical size then I thought but ive plenty of room in my pedal board for it. It does what it says it does. Much more professional looking set up then an adaptor and daisy chain setup.


By: Rodney Young on 13 July 2018
This is a really well made product that does what it says. I had the cover off in minutes to see whether it was going to kill me. I design this stuff for a living (military and medical equipment) and I can say it appears to be well designed and constructed. Solid earth in place, and all the mechanical parts fit perfectly. Oh and it also works....

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