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Joyo JF36 Sweet Baby - Low Gain Overdrive Pedal

Joyo JF36 Sweet Baby - Low Gain Overdrive Pedal

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About This Joyo Overdrive Pedal.

A low-gain overdrive, you can tweek the special Focus knob to adapt to various overdrive styles.

True bypass design.

  • Model JF-36 is a popular distortion stompbox
  • Features the "Focus" control, perfect for tone shaping
  • Drive and Volume knobs for fine tuning level of saturation
  • Rich in second and third order harmonics and nuances
  • High quality components, inch in/out jacks, 9V Battery included

Tech Specs:

Model: JF-36



Just Sublime!

By: on 3 October 2016
Some how my I made a mistake on my 1st review and clicked on the 1 star instead of 5, if I could give 10 stars I would, I've been using the pedal now for a month this overdrive is now my favourite pedal, I thought the name Sweet Baby was a bit lame until I used it, but wow! the sound it is so sweet and such a dynamic overdrive pedal too, again it sounds great with humbuckers but it is with single coils where it sounds the best.


By: on 4 September 2016
This is the sound I was after, sadly I had to sell my Fender valve amp and I bought a Kustom solid state for great price it has a good clean sound but I was missing that smooth overdrive sound of the tubes, this pedal does it for me, it sounds great with humbuckers but surprisingly this pedal just sings with single coils such a sweet sweet sound. 5 stars.

Sweet Baby is "Sweet"

By: on 28 December 2014
Fantastic pedal and cheap!! The focus control allows for softening of the attack of the distortion - just like the front end of a valve amp. What a great idea!!

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