Joyo JF33 Analog Delay - Classic Delay with true bypass

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Joyo JF33 Analog Delay - Classic Delay with true bypass

The Joyo Analog Delay JF33 gives you warm subtle repeats that simulate the signature sound of early analog delays. Soft slightly grainy repeats that decay smoothly and steadily. It uses the PT2399 digital chip to emulate these sounds and does it in a really good way. 

Can be used for slapback echo or if you choose  turn up the repeats the delays will begin to feedback that can be manipulated for special effects and general psychedelic weirdness.

Bottom Line: If you're looking for a simple analog delay, and don't want to pay a ridiculous $100 or more on a fancy brand name analog delay, try this pedal. 

The Tech Features

Model:- JF33

  • Warm Simulated Analog Delay
  • Max Delay time of 440ms
  • True Bypass
  • Time, Repeat, Mix Controls
  • Sturdy Aluminum Case
  • Uses 9V battery or standard Boss style adapter (Strongly advise adapter power. Low batteries cause weird things to happen)



Joyo JF33 Analog Delay- bypass issue part 2

By: on 17 January 2019
Ok I've had a little more time to play around with it now, overall it seems pretty good. I did have an issue with the volume on the bypass when used on an acoustic guitar with the volume increasing when the pedal is on. However that seemed not to be the case when used with an electric guitar. Apart from that issue with the acoustic it's great to use with an electric guitar it gives you some nice delays with nice tone.

Joyo JF33 Analog Delay- bypass issue

By: on 16 January 2019
I've only had a little bit of time to play with this pedal and I've only tried it on an acoustic guitar and so far I like the sound of the delays but I'm concerned about the so called "true bypass" to my ears I hear a very dramatic drop in volume between the volume of the pedal on and the pedal off. Turning the pedal on in the middle of playing the volume jumps quite dramatically and I can't see any settings that adjust this.

Joyo JF33 Analog Delay

By: on 18 December 2017
Sturdy little piece... Great price! The Joyo Delay is...Great!...Great!....great!....great... great!! (etc)

Joyo Analog Delay, a joy toy to toy around with!

By: on 10 August 2017
Hi Artist crew. I recently received the Joyo JF33 Analog Delay pedal. This is just such a sweet sounding delay pedal, I am very impressed. Great variation in delay effects and a really nice, clean sound. Works great with electric or acoustic guitar. The Joyo JF33 is, as are most products supplied by Artist, a great little pedal and excellent value for money. I reckon it's a bit of kit that should be in any pro or amateur guitarist's collection of toys. Good job yet again Artist, thanks!

How do they do it ?

By: on 20 July 2016
This pedal arrived yesterday so I've had plenty of time to play with it. I thought that the Joyo Digital Pedal was good, and it is. However I prefer this analogue pedal, not by much, because they are very similar. I find that I prefer the tone on the analogue pedal. I'm glad to be able to compare the two, and would like to hear from others who have done the same. I can highly recommend both pedals. Such good value and sturdy construction too!. Ian Albany WA

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