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D-SEED Dual Channel Digital Delay Effect Pedal.  As a practical digital delay pedal, D-SEED is impeccable for a guitarist with its full range of functions! This pedal works with a power supply (not with battery).

The Tech Features

Model: DSeed


  • 17ms -1000ms delay time(set by the panel controls)
  • TAP-TEMPO function. Only need to press the TAP-TEMPO button freely to set the delay time you want.
  • If under TAP-TEMPO mode, the delay time is extended to the maximum of 6000ms.
  • With dual-channel design and the parameters of each channel can be set independently.
  • The parameters are saved automatically.
  • 4 selectable delay mode: COPY, ANALOG, REVERSE, MODULATION.
  • Has an external trigger input, which allows external devices to switch the channel of D-SEED through this interface.

Dimensions: 10 x 11 x 5cm (to the top of the switch).

Color: White  


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Great pedal at a great price

By: on 8 January 2018
There are plenty of D-Seed demos available on Youtube etc. (including one right here on AG’s site), so I don’t intend, in this review, to repeat all of the “subjective opinion” stuff — in fact, like any effects box, this unit is much better heard than talked about. I’ll therefore confine myself to general comments about its design and build. (The strange name, incidentally, is just a pronunciation of the acronym “DCD”, which is short for “Dual Channel Digital Delay”, according to Joyo.) ….. Firstly, the construction of the D-Seed itself is very solid (built like a tank), so you’re not going to break it easily. Knobs are robust, and the Channel and Bypass buttons are solid and (unlike some other pedals I own), very easy to click on and off ….. Of course, most modern “micro” pedals ditch the 9V battery for space reasons and, even though this pedal is NOT a micro, they’ve continued that trend, so you’re going to need an adaptor supply. Current draw is 75mA, which is slightly more than the average pedal, but understandable, given its capabilities ….. The tiny “user manual” that comes with it is pretty sparse when it comes to useful information. Of course, you can just experiment with the controls but, if you need a slightly more comprehensive guide, you can download one in PDF form by Googling the D-Seed under the brand name “Harley Benton”, which is a European company that rebadges the Joyo box as its own (albeit more expensive) — the box is the same, but the manual’s marginally better ….. The provision of two switchable channels is a real plus for the D-Seed — I have one set up with a basic “reverb”-type sound, and the other with a more traditional delay. I found the External Switch input (for toggling between the A & B channels) worked fine with a non-latching foot switch (not included) but, to be honest, that does pretty much the same thing as hitting the channel switch on the unit itself; I guess it may be of use if you need to stand well away from the box itself. (Incidentally, the channel button on the D-Seed is disabled when the Ext Sw is plugged in.) ….. Criticisms? Well, when you edit any existing preset, the Channel light immediately starts flashing, indicating that your changes can be stored, but you now have no way of knowing whether those changes will be stored as “A” or “B”, unless you happen to remember which channel you’d selected before you started tweaking the dials! Just a small point, but I would have made the On/BPS light flash, rather than the Channel light — that way, you’d know which Channel was active before storing. Oh, and in an ideal world, I would have added millisecond markings to the “Time” knob, but that’s just nitpicking. ….. Would the D-Seed’s performance and features challenge more expensive pedals (Boss, TC, etc.)? Well, maybe, maybe not, but, for me, there’s no question that, value-wise, it’s mighty hard to beat. For that reason — and also for its robust construction, and its clever features — I give it five stars.

Joyo D-Seed delay pedal

By: on 23 June 2016
I have used this pedal for a week and I am very impressed with the preformance. I would recommend to anybody that wants a great pedal @ a budget price.

Good delay, but not neat

By: on 11 May 2014
I liked it but not enough to keep it. It is very well built, but a bit confusing to operate. Also, the copy (digital delay) is not very neat, it doesnt really copy the sound to me. Analog was the best of all, but still not quite good. Not a bad delay at all if you are in a budget, but will not replace a higher end pedal such as tc and many others.

Best service

By: on 16 April 2014
Great company to buy through. Item was received quicker then superman's birth. Had an issue with an item. I sent it back straight away, postage paid by them. They swapped it with in no time. Awesome!!