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About this Joyo 212V Speaker Cabinet - 2 x 12 inch Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers

The JOYO 212V speaker cabinet comes loaded with 2 x 12 inch Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, for that iconic vintage crunch.

Back in 1986 a new breed of hard rock player was on the rise. To meet the demands of the players and their increasingly 'hot-rodded' amplifiers, we set out to develop a modern speaker, capable of handling much more power and overdrive. To achieve this, we coupled our 'H' magnet (the closest in performance to Alnico) with a new cone and voice coil employing contemporary materials.

The Vintage 30 features enormously detailed and complex overtones, a warm low-end, a famously rich vocal mid-range and a beautifully detailed top-end. Used singly to reveal the complexities in hand- wired boutique amps, or in quartets for a wonderfully intricate vintage 3D crunch, the Vintage 30 sound has been captured on thousands of recordings from a diverse range of notable players including Slash, Steve Stevens and Peter Frampton.

This speaker cabinet has a section of the back panel that is removable to allow for open back or closed back use. This is an excellent feature and provides a greater array of tone variations and volume, depending on the space you're working in.

The Tech Features

Model: 212V

Brand: Joyo

Power Rating: 120 Watts

Speakers: 2 x 12" Vintage 30, 8 ohm.

Dimensions: 795 x 315 x 545mm

Weight: 27.5kg


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Yeah Mad

By: on 4 January 2021
This is an outstanding product for the price! If you’ve not been impressed with any other Joyo stuff know that the most important part of the cab are the celestion vintage 30s. Holds its own against cheaper Orange and Vox equivalents IMO

Joyo 212V

By: on 8 July 2020
This is a excellent quality cabinet for the price. Made from ply, sounds great, nice resonance and looks great. So happy with it. Already own the Joyo 112V celestion from Artist guitars which is also excellent. Artist Guitars is a fantastic store with good products which i have purchased from the past. Can't go wrong with their products and service and price. will be buying again. Thank you Artist Guitars


By: on 20 March 2019
Great cab, was looking for something in a 2x12 with v30’s at a reasonable price. This is it. Does not compromise on sound at all. I just need to get a bit stronger so I can carry it by myself haha

Joyo 212v

By: on 13 January 2019
I was looking for a vintage 30 loaded 2x12 cab. After researching all the available 2x12s with v30s by other manufacturers it was hard to say no to a Joyo. At a third of the price of some of the competition it is a bargain. The build quality is there using 18mm ply construction not cheap MDF. Has rubber feet and clip in castor wheels as standard is also nice. More great features like removable rear panel to make it open or closed back, and removable front speaker grill which is handy for micing up the speakers, all panels have pull tabs to assist in removal! Genius! Most importantly it CRANKS!!!

First impressions

By: on 5 June 2018
Just received my cab and straight up this thing is built like a brick outhouse. Very solid construction and after plugging in a MicroDark and Artist 58 Cherry It does all that one would expect from a 2x12 loaded with Vintage 30s. Very happy with this indeed.

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