Huaxin XD450C 8 piece Electronic Drumkit with Mesh Snare and Tom Heads

Huaxin XD450C 8 piece Electronic Drumkit with Mesh Snare and Tom Heads

The XD450C has an independent Hi-Hat Controller with Stand for the Hi-hat pad compared to the XD450A

This is an 8 piece Drum Kit which includes 3 x 8" Mesh Tom Pads with Rim, a 10" Mesh Snare Pad(Layered Rims), a 12" Crash Cymbal Pad with Edge and Choke, a 14" Ride Cymbal with Edge, Bell and Choke, an 8" Hi-hat Pad, a 6" Kick Pad and a separate Pedal for the Hi-hat Control. The Mesh Snare and Tom Heads gives you better feel, attack and response. A step up to the basic electronic drumkit, this offers more features for the recording or gigging drummer. 

The module features 697 High Quality voices with the ability to edit the volume and voice for each of the pads on the kit. Featuring 20 Built Preset Kits and 20 User Presets, the drumkit allows you to customize your sound and kits to your preference with the ability to change them on the go. The module also features advanced editing on the voices for each pad allowing you to change Sensitivity, Auto Cross Talk, Rim Velocity and many more.

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Huaxin

Model:- XD450C

Voices:- 697 HIgh Quality

Polyphony:- 189

Preset Drumkits:- 20 Built in and 20 User Presets

Recording:- Yes, 15 Songs

Metronome:- Yes, Adjustable Tempo, Voice, Time Signature and a Tap Tempo Function

Pad Edit:- Volume, Voice, Pan, Pitch, Reverb

Sockets:- Headphone Out, Line In, Line Out(L/R), USB, Power Supply Socket, 2 x External Trigger

Power Supply:- 12v DC Centre Negative

Other Features:- Real Time Pad Volume Control, FX Control (Reverb, Compressor, and 4 Band EQ), MIDI Control, Kit with Loop Function, Separate Hi-Hat Stand with Hi-hat Controller


Nice kit to play on

By: Trevor on 12 September 2019
Do not be too concerned about the 4 Stars. I will write a fuller review soon. I ordered this kit as soon as it hit the store as. Fell in love with what it had to offer. The factory (not Artist) errored in not having the hi-hat assembly packed in the same box as the kit. So the hi-hat is stll on it's way. I can't comment on the qualiety of that just yet. But as far as the mesh pads go. Love them! so much like a real drum. They feel heap good to play on over rubber pads. I did notice the tuning key and adjusters on the snare and toms which allows for playing feels. They were all tentioned to suit small to large toms. All the pads trigger nicely too. The sound modual has extremely good sample. Has a very good live edit setup for both general effects and individual drum settings via the sliders. This would be ideal as a live kit for performing. There is a bit of cut-off in the trigger times with the cymbols though. There are fine settings for this in the module (which has some really good editing features). So it's probably just needing tweaking at present. Just didn't respond to fast repetition out of the box. Compared to the lesser priced Artist kit, which was suprisingl more responsive in the cymbols. The mesh kick shown in the sales image, is not what the manufacturer supplied. Artist are doing what they can to look at this for me atm. So I can't review this feature also. The kick supplied was similar to that on the XD750C. A substantial disapointment. But as I say, it's been seriously looked at by Artist with the manufacturer at this stage. All in all, it's is a really well made kit. Some initial teething issues with this new kit and it's supply. But as an overall honest look at what it does. So far, I am happy with the supplied components. Will review the hi-hat after it gets here and await the outcome on the mesh kick. They obviously have one at the factory where these images were made :) Thanks for making this kit available Artist. New supplier, new product and some minor supply glitches. But should it become a regular product, I am sure it will do well. 4 Stars (for now).

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