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Dr.J D50 Green Crystal Boutique Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

The D50 Green Crystal Overdrive gives you a crystal-clear and transparent overdrive. This is the product of years of tireless research in pursuit of the true vintage overdrive pedal tone, Dr. J brings you the Green Crystal Overdrive. It is the ultimate low to medium gain overdrive, and as it features true bypass this adds plenty of character without colouring your tone. 

This compact pedal delivers tube-like overdrive tones; it is clear, warm and natural, yet responsive to your pick attack without overly compressing your signal. High and Low frequency controls plus the Drive and Output allow you to fine-tune your tone, and the D50 also has a switch for three different clipping options, effectively giving you three overdrive pedals in one! 

The Tech Features:

Brand: Dr. J

Model: D50 - Green Crystal

Pedal Type: Boutique Overdrive

Colour: Green

Power Requirements: 9V Center Negative Polarity Power Supply or 9V Battery (Not Included)






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Dr J Green Crystal Overdrive

By: on 15 December 2014
Fantastic pedal, does not suck any tone from your amp, easy to use.

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