Cherub MT100 Tuner and Metronome

Cherub MT100 Tuner and Metronome

This tuner features a built in microphone, perfect for tuning any instrument, wind or stringed.  It also has a 1/4" jack input for plugging in a guitar or bass.

The metronome features flashing to keep in time when the volume is down and the option to change time signature. Also comes with a built in stand so that you can prop it up on a table for easy visibility.


Tech Specs:

Model: MT100

Chromatic Metro-Tuner

*Tuner & Metronome Combo with back-lit

*Tuning item: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele

* Mic included



Cherub MT100 tuner review

By: Scott Christie on 21 September 2018
A truly terrific little tuner and metronome for the price. Does what it’s supposed to do brilliantly and love the little clip on attachment for silent tuning. Once again, for $20, impossible to go wrong

Guitar Tuner

By: Elizabeth Williams on 27 July 2017
Service for this item was great. The tuner arrived quite quickly and in great condition. I have bought many items from you and always get the same great proficiency.

Surprisingly versatile

By: Alan on 28 July 2015
While I have some relatively expensive tuners on my pedalboards, I wanted a cheapie that would sit in my music room for quick tuning during practice. I needed something that would do the job for a range of instruments, and this AG unit seemed to fit the bill. In short, it does pretty much everything you'd want — full chromatic mode, or you can select the instrument you're tuning (guitar, bass (handles up to 6-string), violin, and ukulele (key C). I found it works well with guitar, 5-string bass, and electric mandolin (which is the same tuning as violin anyway). Tuning is fairly sensitive to small changes in string tension, but there's very clear visual indication on the LCD display of when you have it right — screen stays amber colour until you're spot on, at which point it's all green. There's also a tone generator for each string if you want to tune by ear, a headphone output for silent tuning, a metronome (both visual and aural), an inbuilt mic, and even a headstock clip-on which could be handy if you have an acoustic-only instrument. Oh, and I like the small fold-out stand at the back so you can have it sitting angled up while you're using it. Perhaps my only criticism is that it doesn't have an output jack (apart from the headphone one), so you can't just leave it inline between your instrument and your amp — however, that's just a minor niggle on what is otherwise a pretty comprehensive little unit. IMHO, Artist Guitars have again come up with a good value product at a very good price, and delivered it very quickly. I rate these guys the best online vendor I deal with.

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