Artist RoboWinder Automatic Mechanical Tuner and String Winder

Artist Robowinder Automatic Mechanical Tuner & String Winder

The newest addition to our line of tuners will save you from the trouble of having to tune manually while on stage or on the go. It is a versatile tuning accessory with functions to suit Guitars, Basses and Ukeleles. With an Auto Mode, Semi-Auto Mode and Custom Mode, the Robowinder will be there for you for your tuning needs. Comes with a USB cable which can be used to charge the robowinder wherever you may be.


The Tech Features

Model :- Robowinder

Tuning Mode:- Auto, Semi-Auto, Custom

Precision:- +/- 1 cent

Winding Speed:- 180 rpm

Power:- Built-in Battery which can be charged via the micro USB port

Colour :- Black



By: on 12 May 2019
Set it to semi-auto, press S to choose a string, put on tuning peg and pluck. Entertaining to watch. Also USB rechargeable.

RoboWinder is great Value !!

By: on 9 May 2019
I recently purchased a RoboWinder from Artist guitars, while I have no trouble manually tuning my guitars I was intrigued to try one of these. WOW this is an amazing device !! Tuning is fast and reasonably accurate. I found when tuning my travel guitar it did a much better job than the inbuilt tuner !! This is a very handy tool for any guitarist and at a great price as well. Well done Artist ! A very satisfied customer (again).


By: on 2 May 2019
I've only had the Robowinder for a few days but I'm impressed. It works really well. There are very minor niggles. The buttons are very small and I wonder how robust they will be long term. However, this device handles routine tuning very well and is especially useful when renewing strings. The "beep" when it's tuned is very helpful. The rechargeable battery has excellent life and is easy to recharge from a USB port. Worth every cent of the quite reasonable price.


By: on 2 May 2019
This is awesome, set to semi auto and you pluck a string, then it tunes it to perfection!

An interesting and inventive product

By: on 26 April 2019
Those Roadies amongst you will know that there’s a similar “name brand” iteration of this tuner out there, albeit at about three times the price (or even more if you want the bass guitar model). I in fact bought one of those name brand units some years back (the version 1 model, I admit), but had to send it back after it went mad and broke a few strings on me. And so, I was initially a little hesitant to purchase this new Artist tuner — at the apparently bargain price, would it be worth having? Well, I’m happy to say yes, with just a few minor reservations. ………. PACKAGING & BUILD: It’s professionally packaged, comes with a charging cable, and is solidly built. Out of the box, it was pretty much charged up, so I could play with it right away. Talking of the box, there was no manual included, but I guess I can forgive that, as it’s readily available on the Artist Guitars website. ………. FEATURES: You really need to read the manual to gain a full appreciation of the Robowinder’s capabilities but, briefly, it has settings to cater for a range of different instruments — acoustic/electric/classical guitars, chromatic tuning (which covers bass), and ukulele. (Two of those — the Electric and the Classical — have apparently been added since the manual was written.) In addition, there are three major “modes” — “Auto”, for an instrument that’s pretty much tuned, but needs a tweak or two (e.g. between sets at a gig), “Semi”, for instruments that are well out of tune (e.g. when you’re fitting new strings), and “Custom”, for alternative tunings. For most players, I suggest, “Auto” will be your usual mode, and that’s the one I’ve experimented with the most. ………. TUNING: I’ve tuned acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar, baritone uke (which, of course, is just guitar tuning anyway, but I don’t have an ordinary uke to try), and bass guitar (4-string and 6-string). In general, the tuning results were quite acceptable — I checked them against a couple of very accurate tuners (a Sonic Research ST-200, and a Korg rackmount), and I’d describe the tuning as being “good enough” (not accurate enough for studio work, perhaps, but …. ). The only real difficulty it had was with the low “B” on a 6-string bass, but then that happens with ordinary tuners too — the high “C” was fine, and tuning a 4-string bass was also no problem. Occasionally, the Robowinder will mis-identify a string (again, as do ordinary tuners sometimes), but re-playing the string usually brings that back into line. It makes its adjustments in small increments, apparently checking after each turn, and that gives me more confidence than a system that can simply run away at high speed! ………. DESIGN: To be frank, I found the Robowinder a little awkward to use, particularly on the machine heads facing downwards from the headstock. For those strings, too, it’s harder to see the display screen, but then I guess you can just wait for the “beep” sound that tells you the string is tuned. For machine heads above the headstock, that’s not a problem, so, if you have, say, a Strat-type guitar, all six strings are easier to get at. In addition to the main peg connector on the device, there’s also an extra one provided for different-sized guitar pegs (e.g. I had to use it for my classical guitar). Charging is via a standard USB-to-micro-USB cable (supplied), but you do have to provide your own charger (any phone-type charger will do just fine). ………. SUMMARY: Is the Robowinder perfect? Well, no — tuning is acceptable but not super-accurate, and it has occasional quirks that mean you have to spend a little more time on a particular string. ………. Did I need it? Nope — I have more than enough tuners already, but, hey, new technology is irresistible, isn’t it? ☺ ………. Is the Robowinder worth having? Well, yes — for tuning up at home, or even a quick check on stage between sets, it delivers. ………. Is the Robowinder a bargain? Most definitely! If you’ve been thinking of buying that name brand unit, it’s a no-brainer comparison, and Artist Guitars have yet again demonstrated their ability to source inventive quality products at a very reasonable price. For that reason, I give it 5 stars — not because it’s perfect, but because, for the money, you can’t go past it if “automatic tuning” is your thing.

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