Artist RoboWinder Automatic Mechanical Tuner and String Winder

Artist Robowinder Automatic Mechanical Tuner & String Winder

The newest addition to our line of tuners will save you from the trouble of having to tune manually while on stage or on the go. It is a versatile tuning accessory with functions to suit Guitars, Basses and Ukeleles. With an Auto Mode, Semi-Auto Mode and Custom Mode, the Robowinder will be there for you for your tuning needs. Comes with a USB cable which can be used to charge the robowinder wherever you may be.


The Tech Features

Model :- Robowinder

Tuning Mode:- Auto, Semi-Auto, Custom

Precision:- +/- 1 cent

Winding Speed:- 180 rpm

Power:- Built-in Battery which can be charged via the micro USB port

Colour :- Black


Excellent value

By: Z80AL on 10 August 2019
Just bought my second Robowinder (yes, I own too many instruments! :-) — at the current discounted price, it's amazing value but, even at the normal full price, it still represents a great buy. Have used mine on a range of instruments, with good success on most — handles 4-string bass reasonably well (although not the bottom string on a 5- or 6-) and of course does an excellent job on all manner of guitars (electric, acoustic, classical, etc.). Only "fail" I've had is with a solid-body mando (Fender Mando-Strat), as it seemingly can't sense the high pitches/vibrations involved, but, in fairness, AG don't claim that it handles mandolins anyway, so I add that comment only to warn that, if mandos are your only thing, the Robowinder is probably not for you .......... In short, this is an absolute gem, so kudos to Artist Guitars for sourcing this unit at a very reasonable price.

Pleasant surprise!

By: Joseph on 9 August 2019
My expectations were a moderate, maybe even sceptical; I'm really surprised at how accurate this is, and how quick and easy to use! The Robo-Winder is definitely part of my kit!


By: Bernd on 3 August 2019
Yesterday I have received the Robowinder. I comes with no instruction but, it is easy to work out the functions. Seems to work good for Guitar and ukuleles. For open tuning, there is a C. tuning already build in. However, I like the G tuning which I was able setup in the costumes setting. This is all great, however, it says the Robowinder can be used for guitar, ukulele and Bass. I can not find a setting for Bass guitar.

Excellent value

By: Alan on 21 July 2019
Compared with a certain "name brand" tuner that has similar functions — but costs almost three times as much — this one is a bargain. I've been using it for a few months now, and it does the job. Reasonably accurate, and tunes pretty much everything I own (electric, acoustic, classical, bass, etc.). Has a bit of trouble with the low "B" on a 5-/6-string bass but, hey, so do quite a few ordinary tuners. I don't use the Robowinder on stage (preferring a super-accurate pedal tuner) but, for quick tune-ups at home or in rehearsal, this one is a gem.


By: Alex M. Broce on 15 June 2019
I received the Robo guitar tuner on time. The product is excellent. And thank you so much

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