Artist MP105 Blue Wave Chorus Micro Guitar Effects Pedal

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About this Artist MP105 Blue Wave Chorus Micro Guitar Effects Pedal

The Blue Wave Chorus micro effects pedal adds width and depth to your guitars tone.  It provides a subtle analog chorus that never sounds "too much".  Even in extreme settings, every sound you dial in stays fully usable.  If you need a beautifully transparent chorus that works in many situations, the Blue Wave chorus pedal is for you.


The Tech Specs

Model :-  MP105 Blue Wave

Controls :-  Level, Depth, Rate

Dimensions :-  73mm(L) x 38mm(W) x 50mm(H)


Small in size, but big on features

By: Alan on 17 February 2017
[This is brief recap of an earlier review I wrote for this pedal, but which somehow disappeared from the AG site a couple of days ago, so I’m having another try …..] The MP105 Chorus is one of four (4) Artist micro pedals I’ve bought so far — I have the MP102 Reverb, the MP105 Chorus, the MP108 Compressor, and the MP110 Boost. My primary motivation, I confess, is wanting to make more space on my very crowded pedalboard — I play bass, 6- and 12-string guitar, mando, and baritone uke, so the board just kinda, well, grows! ☺ These “micro” pedals really are tiny — even if you’re accustomed to using the odd “mini” pedal, it’s not until you see these things that you realise that good things do come in v-e-r-y small packages! (I’ve ditched a series of larger pedals in favour of these.) However, despite the diminutive dimensions, the functionality is right up there with bigger boxes. The MP105 has Level, Depth, and Rate controls, and these provide enough variation to get the sound you need. A couple of features I particularly like (besides the size): (a) the semi-opaque cover over the controls means you can set the required values and then not worry about their being bumped and changed accidentally; (b) the provision of both rubber and Velcro attachment options for secure placement on your board shows that the designers are thinking about what musos need. Of course, at this size, there’s no room for a battery, so you’ll need to run the pedal from your board power. I’m using the MP105 with an Ovation 1778LX semi-acoustic into a Mesa Boogie amp.

Another excellent micro pedal

By: Alan on 10 February 2017
I recently purchased one of Artist's MP!10 micro boost pedals (see my review of that elsewhere on this site if you're interested) and, having been impressed with both its micro size and inbuilt features, I decided to update my pedalboard with some more gems from the same stable — this MP105 Chorus, and also an MP108 Compressor. (Yes, I already owned other chorus and compression pedals, but I liked the idea of "de-crowding" my pedalboard, and adding some extra variable controls (well, that was my excuse to my wife, anyway! :-) ..... Like the MP110, this pedal is so small that you really have to see it to appreciate what they've done in such a tiny package — in fact, this one takes up roughly one quarter of the space occupied by my previous chorus! Despite that, it still has adequate controls — Level/Depth/Rate — and, being True Bypass, doesn't interfere when you don't want it to. The range of chorus settings is quite acceptable — I'm using the MP105 with an Ovation 1778LX semi-acoustic into a Mesa Boogie 5:25 amp. As with the MP110, this one comes with rubber or velcro attachments for fitting to your board. Because of the small size, there's no room for a battery, so you'll need 9V board power to run it, but any half-serious muso will have that anyway ..... I haven't come across pedals quite like this before, and I have to assume that Artist have gone out and found a manufacturer to make a whole range of micro gear with excellent features at a reasonable price. I reckon they've succeeded admirably. Maybe, just maybe, these three pedals won't be the last of Artists's micro gear I buy (now that I have more space on my pedalboard) — I need to talk to my wife! :-)


By: Sarah on 6 December 2016
I already have an MXR Analogue Chorus and Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus but I thought I'd grab this little number too so I have three options for my pedal board. Easy to use and I really like how flexible it is for getting the exact sound I want. It's more like the MXR but without the LOW/HIGH cut dials.

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