Artist MP103 Time Travel Digital Delay Micro Guitar Effects Pedal

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About this Artist MP103 Time Travel Digital Delay Micro Guitar Effects Pedal

The Time Travel digital delay micro effects pedal has 4 modes: Copy / Analog / Modulation / Filtered.

  • Copy mode is the standard digital delay sound, where the echo sounds as close to the original as possible.
  • Analog mode sounds like the classic BBD effect, where the delay sounds degraded with less high frequencies and a lot more smear in the sound.
  • Modulation mode ads a chorusing effect to your delays and makes them wider and deeper. This is amazing for spacey clean sounds.
  • Filtered mode send your guitar through an adjustable Mid-Frequency filter before it gets delayed. This mode presents many interesting possibilities and you just won’t believe it is all coming out of a tiny little pedal.


The Tech Specs

Model :-  MP103 Time Travel

Controls :-  Time, Feedback, Mix, Delay Type

Dimensions :-  73mm(L) x 38mm(W) x 50mm(H)


Artist Branded pedals

By: Alex on 2 May 2019
So I needed a second Delay and a second Chorus pedal for my board, so that I could run multiples of the same effect set differently in the same songs. I didn't want to spend a lot as these second pedals would only be used in a few songs here and there. I decided to buy the Artist Blue Wave Chorus and the Artist Time Travel Delay. Set me back $109 delivered for the pair, so i figured if they weren't any good, at least they didn't cost me much. These are actually quite a good sounding pedal and the build quality is sturdy You won't buy better for this kind of money. While these pedals don't match the high end brands, I gave then 4 stars because they are sensational value and built like a tank. The other thing is that they come with a choice of a pre-shaped adhesive rubber base or adhesive velcro base that you can apply depending on your use. 3M glue ensures they won't come off easy. I would have given these 5 stars, but couldn't do that in good faith until I have had and used them for at least a year to see how reliable they are after road use. I always knew about Artist guitars but never bought anything from them until this year. I have been so impressed with their products and pricing and their customer service, that I have bought a heap of stuff from them recently. Give them a go, you won't be disappointed.

Faulty equipment

By: John Martin on 16 February 2018
Worked for two minutes and then nothing. Not worth the risk, Buy a well known brand.

Small box big functionality

By: Michael on 28 June 2017
For a very small and simple pedal the Time Travel provides a pretty good range of delay effects. For the price, it's real easy choice.

Artist MP103 Time Travel Digital Delay

By: Sam on 12 May 2017
A fantastic pedal for the price. The modulation delay is perfect for washy clean tones and the analog delay has a great vintage sound. I was blown away by how small the pedal is and it will make a great addition to my travel rig.

Excellent value delay pedal

By: Ross on 1 April 2017
Time, feedback, and mix all knobs all work as they are intended. The last knob switches the delay mode between digital, analogue, modulation and filter. The digital is clean and standard and works great. The "analogue" mode I am pretty sure isn't actually analogue, but simulates a tape delay quite well with less highs in the delayed sound and a hint of signal degradation. It is nice but I like the digital delays myself. The Modulation mode is great, the wet delay has a chorus-like effect and works brilliantly. I use chorus a fair bit on leads and this work fantastic, a nice chorus effected delay with a standard dry signal works wonders with the right settings. The Filter mode is the same idea but the wet delayed signal has an autowah/envelope filtered sound. It is great fun and works really well too. It's almost a shame that the pedal has only one footswitch and not more to be able to pick the mode with your foot. I would love to see a version with that. But at this price point you could probly just buy more!! And since they are so small your pedal board wouldn't suffer a major loss in space anyway. The door on the knobs is great to, I wish more pedals had this, typically it is not my foot the rolls knobs around but cables that get stored in the pedal board case as well. This pedal feels incredibly solid, and comes with rubber and velcro back. My only real negative point is the power jack located on the right side behind the "in" jack, which on my board means the right angle patch cable wont sit flat if routed to the back of the pedal. Minor gripe, and still worth it!

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