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Artist MiniS 3/4 Size Electric Guitar + Accessories +10 Watt Amp

Artist MiniS 3/4 Size Electric Guitar + Accessories +10 Watt Amp

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This pack includes:

  • 1 x Artist MiniS Plus - 3/4 Size Small Body Electric Guitar + Accessories
  • 1 x Artist GA10X 10 Watt Guitar Practice Amplifier with MP3 input

Artist MiniS Plus - 3/4 Size Small Body Electric Guitar + Accessories

If you have a little one who seems to show that he or she is a reincarnated rock legend of times past then this is the guitar to start them on the path to rock glory.

The Artist MiniS is a 3/4 scale electric guitar that is superior to others on the market for the same price range. Its construction is a Poplar body with Basswood Veneer, Maple neck and Eco-rosewood fretboard.

This guitar can be used with Rocksmith.

Receive free exclusive access to video lessons when you buy a guitar pack: 

As an addition to buying your new guitar, we are proud to offer you a series of online lessons designed specifically for beginning guitar students. This is what this lesson pack is all about - the stuff that nobody really tells you at the start of your guitar playing journey. Issues like holding the guitar, using a plectrum and some simple exercises to start you off. So whether you're 7 or 70,  take some time to check out the lesson pack and most importantly - be patient and have fun!

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: MiniS

Neck: Truss Rod, Scale Length 23", 41mm Nut, 20 Frets, Neck Width at Nut: 23mm, String Spacing at Bridge (E to e): 52mm

Fingerboard Radius: 12" (305mm)

Overall Length: 87cm


  • Body: Poplar with Basswood Veneer
  • Neck: Maple, with Eco-Rosewood fingerboard

Machine Heads: Die-cast Chrome

Pickups: 3x Single Coils

Controls: Volume, Tone, 5-way pickup switch

Weight: 2.5-3kg approx. 6lb 1oz

Optional Hard Case: None

Included Accessories: Gig Bag, Guitar Lead, Tuner, Strap, Strings, Allen keys

Artist GA10X 10 Watt Guitar Practice Amplifier with MP3 input

This is a great sounding 10 Watt guitar amp, perfect for practising at home or jamming with friends.  

Features include selectable channels, clean channel and distortion channel with one 3-band EQ. The Clean channel provides a crystal clear sound for country and jazz tones, whilst the distortion channel provides everything from a light smooth break up for blues through to crushing Heavy Metal and Hardcore tones for those palm muted chunky rhythms and searing solos!

It also has a headphone socket so you can play along without waking the neighbours, and MP3 input.

The Tech Features

Model: GA10X

Power: 10W RMS 

Speaker Size: 6 inch

GA10X Front Panel Functions:

Input - This is the 1/4 inch guitar only jack input. 

Volume - Controls the volume level of both Clean and Overdrive channels.

Drive Select -  This is a Channel Switch that selects between Clean Channel, or Overdrive Channel.

Gain - Controls the gain level for the OverDrive channel only. As the amount of gain increases so will the Overdrive/distortion level in your sound. Use moderate levels for Blues and light rock, and maximum gain for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal styles.  

Treble - Controls the high frequency of the guitar tone, making your guitar sound brighter when increased.

Middle - Dictates the middle frequency of the amplifier. Turning this up will make your guitar sound fatter, ideal for Blues and Punk. Conversely reducing the amount of middle in your tone will result in a sharper and thinner guitar sound for the classic scooped Heavy Metal tone.

Bass - Controls the amount of low frequency or bottom end in your tone. The more you increase, the more punch you will add. If your sound sounds too muddy then decrease this control to Tighten your sound.

Mini Jack AUX input -  3.5mm input to plug in your favourite MP3 player

Mini Jack Headphone Jack - 3.5 mm input to plug your headphones in for silent practice

Power Switch -  On / Off Switch for mains power to the amplifier.

Dimensions - 26cm(W) x 29cm(H) x 14cm(D)

Power Plug: (See our blog post for more details)

  • AU & NZ: 240V with AU/NZ Plug
  • UK: 230V with UK plug (with a fuse in the plug)
  • USA: 120V with USA 3 pin plug 


Artist MiniS 3/4 Size Electric Guitar + Accessorie

By: on 18 May 2021
Quick delivery. Great qualify guitar.
By: Artist Guitars
Thanks for your order and for the support. Cheers!


By: on 27 April 2021
Ordered a 3/4, a half size came, the case came dirty, the plastic is annoying to get off I have little plastic bits wedged under the fret board and the tone knob, and an earwig cam in the box, positives, it sounds good and looks good.
By: Artist Guitars
Thank you for leaving a review about the guitar. We appreciate the feedback. We have sent you an email so we can assist in getting this resolved for you.


By: on 27 April 2021
I ordered this and I ended up getting a half size guitar, it was supposed to be a 3/4, my case was dirty,and the plastic on the white bit is a pain to get off, why is this the case, a positive is that it sounds good.
By: Artist Guitars
Thank you for leaving your feedback about the guitar. We have sent you an email to assist with the concerns you have encountered with the guitar.

Love my new guitar

By: on 15 March 2021
Guitar arrived very quickly. Most impressed with the nice sound. Guitar and amp are matched prefectly. The guitar is much better than the player at the moment but I may improve with more practice. Thankyou Artist Guitars for a nice package at a good price.
By: Artist Guitars
Thank you for the support and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Cheers!

Great product

By: on 5 March 2021
Very happy with the quality of this little guitar. Good little practice amp. My 7 year old loves it.
By: Artist Guitars
Thanks so much for the awesome review! This is highly appreciated. If you need help or have some questions, just reach out to us.

Great product

By: on 5 March 2021
Very happy with the quality of this little guitar. Good little practice amp. My 7 year old loves it.
By: Artist Guitars
Thanks a lot for the cool review! This means a lot to us. If you need any assistance, just let us know.


By: on 29 November 2020
I have had this guitar for 2 years with only one malfunction, but worth the quality, they sent me a new one and was worth it. The 20 frets - 21 frets make it easy to move up and down the board and ideal for a beginner.

Do it.

By: on 26 November 2020
I've had an accoustic guitar since I was 11, and I always thought I sucked at it. Turns out I don't. Bought one of these as a drunken gift to myself 18 years later and am honestly kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner. I was a little apprehensive because most of the reviews seemed to be for kids but I have rather small hands and a poor reach so I'm really enjoying my little 3/4. It can get a little tight further up the fret board but I'm sure that'll be fine with more practice. Had a more knowledgeable friend come have a play around too and he said it both looks and sounds amazing for its price tag. I live in a rural city in Victoria and it was still here in just 3 business days, even during covid. Emailed customer service with a question and they replied super quick. I'm just all round very happy with my purchase

Better than you’re thinking

By: on 18 November 2020
Wowsers. Mini hardtail strat that plays phenomenally good. Action from factory set nice and still room to go lower. Put my straight edge across the frets and they are dead level. Smooth playing and great tones from this little beast. I have several guitars, fenders and epi’s And this thing has the quality to match them. This from the 3/4 size I got for my son I think I better get a new toy for me now, maybe a new vintage strat ..... two thumbs up from here. Excellent little guitar. Courier only part delivered so haven’t tested the amp yet but judging by the high standards they obviously set I’m expecting good things.

Great product!

By: on 11 September 2020
Sound is great, delivery as promised. Very happy so far!

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